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Dima Panchuk

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Feedback on idea needed: web3 startups apply to hire you at your desired salary

Hey folks, Dima here!

Obviously, good engineers are overwhelmed with job propositions on Linkedin, email, ads, and even social media. Unfortunately, most of them are irrelevant or incomplete making the candidate’s experience really bad.

We try to challenge it at least for web3 space. Our goal is to make Hunted a single place to receive high-quality relevant offers in web3.
To achieve it, it makes sense for us to:

  • anonymize profiles (so you can be a complete ninja unless you decide to reveal contacts to a particular startup)
  • remove middlemen (we just don't invite agencies/headhunters/etc)
  • cut the spam (startup representatives who send irrelevant offers get banned)
  • onboard web2 devs to web3 (so you can receive web3 offers with your current web2 skills)

Finally, startups apply to hire you at your desired salary. You set it upfront in the anonymous profile and startups that aren't ready to commit to it will be ignored. As a bonus, you get a $1k-worth NFT of your choice as you're hired.

To sum up, as an engineer you:

  • stay anonymous until you interview
  • don't have tons of spam
  • have direct contact with startup founders/hiring managers, and they apply to you
  • get a salary hike (web3 wage is 30% higher on average), remote work, tokens/equity

We validated the idea with a decent set of product engineers. Yet we're looking for even more feedback. Please leave any feedback below and give it a try!

P.S. We just launched on PH, and give away NFTs. Check our page:

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Peter Kelvin Torver

This is wonderful, I have registered already. Currently looking for a remote job. Your platform is wonderful.

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