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Deploying a Node app to Azure

This article is not about building a Node.js app, but about deploying your first app on Azure.

Azure is very powerful, fast, and easier to start with than you would think.

I recently made a sort-like application for a company and thought it would be good to show everyone how to go about hosting your first Node app on Azure.

Check my article on starting your first Node.js app.
Or download this starter package on GitHub.

Registering on Azure

First, we need to get an Azure account, head over to their register page, and follow instructions.

Once logged in, we see this.

Azure portal homepage

Now click on the App Services since that is what we will be using.

We then get a prompt to start our free Trial if we have not already done this, please follow these steps.

Azure free trial

Creating our App Service in Azure

Our Node app will be running on an App Service on Azure. So from the App Services screen, click on create new.

Create new App Service

An App Service is a container that will run our application, and it can run several runtimes options.

For our instance, we are using the following settings.

App Service settings

If you don't have a resource group yet, you can just click the new button on Resource Group.

We won't be using any monitoring, for now, so leave that to no.

App Service Monitoring

We also won't be using Tags, so click to the end and push Create!

App Service Create

There we go, we created an empty Azure App Service, which looks like this if we follow the URL.

Azure App Service default page

Uploading our Node app to Azure App Service

You can use my Starter project from GitHub.

So there are multiple ways of pushing our code to our new App Service.

Let's start by exploring their Visual Studio code extension first!

You can download the Azure Visual Studio code extension here.

Once installed, open your project in Visual Studio Code.

You will now see this side icon, click it and authenticate with your Azure account.

Visual Studio Code, Azure extension

Now we can right-click our newly created App Service and click Deploy to Web App.

Deploy web app

Now visit your Azure created URL.

Azure hosted Node app

And we can even visit another route.

Azure Multi Pages

Azure Web App deployments

We can find our recent push deployment in the following section in Azure.

Azure Deployment Center

There we go, we created a Node app hosted on Azure Web Services.

You can find the full project on my GitHub or view it on Azure.

Next time we will be exploring GitHub Deployments, Custom domains, and Storage options!

Thank you for reading, and let's connect!

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