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5 useful DevOps newsletters that will blow your mind 🀯

Why are you afraid of DevOps? is a fascinating discussion that recently took place here on DEV. It inspired me to look deeper into resources for people who are interested in DevOps but are not taking the step forward.

One of the reasons people are hesitating to start with DevOps is "lack of public knowledge". On top of that, our daily routine sometimes doesn't allow us the time to search for high-quality content. We believe that newsletters are one effective way to get curated content with almost no hassle.

There are many DevOps newsletters out there. This time we picked only 5 DevOps newsletters that we appreciate at

DevOps Weekly

One of the most senior newsletters for DevOps readers. With more than 400 weekly issues to date, Gareth has put together an excellent DevOps newsletter that can be easily digested by anyone. Always delivers relevant content. A weekly slice of DevOps news we highly recommend you to read!

DevOps Weekly Screenshot


The weekly newsletter for all things Kubernetes. It is one of the most prominent technologies used by DevOps engineers. Want to get curated updated about it? This newsletter will do the job for you.

KubeWeekly Screenshot


DevOps'ish covers DevOps, cloud-native, and open-source news from a variety of sources. It is a fantastic source to pick up the latest trends. If you consistently read it, you will know what is going on in the DevOps sphere.

DevOps'ish Screenshot

This Week in DevOps

This Week in DevOps summarizes the latest announcements each week from AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and Hashicorp so you can keep up with the latest announcements quicker than ever.

This Week in DevOps Screenshot

SRE Weekly

A newsletter devoted to everything related to keeping a site or service available as consistently as possible. A bit old-school but you can surely learn a lot from it.

SRE Weekly Screenshot

I hope you guys enjoy it and let go of your fear of DevOps! It is such an exciting and sophisticated field.

Think there is another essential DevOps newsletter that we didn't mention? Let other devs know about it by posting a comment below.

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Top comments (4)

strzibny profile image
Josef Strzibny

Do you know which ones track their users and which don't?

nimrodkra profile image
Nimrod Kramer

Hi Josef, I'm not sure as I didn't check. Most newsletters, in general, do track opening rates as for as I know. In some cases, they track also which links you clicked. It depends on the email distribution platform that they use.

strzibny profile image
Josef Strzibny

Yes, but nowadays I have trouble with that. Nobody should be able to determine my time and location at the time I read my email. It's my privacy.

I wish there is lite - a cheap service that opens the newsletters for you.

Thread Thread
nimrodkra profile image
Nimrod Kramer

I agree. It's annoying. Have you tried In case you use the Firefox browser (which I believe you do if you care about privacy✌🏼), then you can disable the analytics there and it won't track you at all. That way you can both get a relevant stream of DevOps news without compromising on your privacy. If you need my help in onboarding and customizing it let me know. I'd love to help.