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Just some questions about AMA. First, I was wondering if already had scheduled some AMA in the near future. If so, who will it be?

Second, how are AMAs organized? Do you take requests? Or do we just ask people we would like to see do an AMA directly and they create an appropriate post? Does the ama tag alone trigger the little popup at the bottom of page indicating an AMA is currently happening?


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I think the next AMA we have scheduled is Sandi Metz on Jan 24 but we might slip something else in beforehand. The AMA tag is reserved so folks have to coordinate with us first.

Send requests to either or On this note, I feel like @jess could start a thread about AMA requests when she gets back from Chile.

The pop up can be triggered on any post, and it's done manually for AMAs.


!!!!!!!! Sandi Metz !!!!!!!! Woah, that is super exciting!

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