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Lights Puzzle made with Vue

dana94 profile image Dana Ottaviani ・1 min read

I built this project a while ago, but I wanted to add more levels and clean-up the code before showing it off.

The game board can be navigated using arrow keys.
If there's anything I can improve on in terms of accessibility please let me know and I'll do my best to fix it.

Thanks for reading. 😄

See if you can beat my scores:

Level 1: 5 moves

Level 2: 25 moves

Level 3: Still haven't had a chance to solve. 😅


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gave up on level 2 after 107 clicks (damn you!) and then tried again with a different approach.

17 clicks to solve level 2

great puzzle game made very well and fun to play. :)


Thanks for checking it out!


Pretty cool game, make it responsiveness it fits as mobile game


Thanks, I'm only concerned on how small the buttons will be as the board needs to keep its 5x5 or 7x7 layout.

Something to definitely consider in the future.


Solved level 1 in 5 moves.
Then i saw level two and thought: DAMN haha.

Great game, ill try level 2 tomorrow, think ill stay in that level for a while ;P


Just solved level 1 on 33 moves but don't know how. Very catchy, congrats!


Level 1 : 5 Moves
Level 2 : 15 Moves
Level 3 : 33 Moves

Level 2 was the hardest tho...

(edit: Consistency)


This is really cool, Dana! I solved Level 1 in 5 moves but couldn't solve Level 2.


Thank you for playing. ❤️
Yeah, level 2 took me a while - you'll solve it. ;)