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What’s new in Boost Note in April: Speed Improvement, UI/UX Renewal, Fuzzy Search, and more.

We have improved the app a lot and recently, we renewed the entire UI to provide IDE-like UX and make it more developer-friendly.

Here are the major updates this month:

(1) Speed Improvement​

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Since we do care about users’ feedback and got a lot of feedback related to its speed, we made it about 1.3x faster* than before.

Please note that there may be a difference in speed improvement depending on the document amount in your workspace and the internet situation.

From now on, the app will cache documents that have been loaded once, and when you open the same document next time, you can edit it from the cached one without waiting for sync with the real-time server. Also, we optimized data fetching for the document a bit too.

For the next speed improvement, we will polish the data structure for the page loading to reduce the data transmission time required for initial rendering to less than 500ms, regardless of the amount of documents in your workspace.

(2) UI/UX Renewal​

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We’ve been focusing on improving the quality of the app experience since the last newsletter. The new UI is like an IDE, such as VSCode and WebStorm, which is very familiar for developers.

This new UI will boost the team’s productivity and not sacrifice their time to get used to the tool.

(3) Fuzzy Search​

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A fuzzy search like VSCode has been rolled out! Hit cmd/ctrl+P and get started.
Updates (2) and (3) should work without updating if you are using the cloud version, but If you are also using the desktop app, you may need to update the version to v0.16.0 or more (It doesn’t work under v0.16.0.)

Boost Note

What’s coming next?​

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​We are planning to release another feature called “Document Property” with excellent filtering. This feature allows you to organize documents more flexibly and more intelligently, and you can find documents quickly by using filters.

Stay tuned!

We’re really excited to share all of these new updates with you, and we’d love to get your feedback, questions, and suggestions. Get in touch and let us know what you think by making an issue on our GitHub repository.

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