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How to Learn in Public

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Based on this golden rule, which has been helping me a lot, it is time for the cycle to turn. What cycle? Every teaching needs to be: learned, acquired, shared. Perhaps the most important part is that we need to go back and teach. However, what about the yearnings and fears that strike?

Whenever we learn something new, we must begin to build the thought of sharing that. Otherwise, it will be locked at that level. Sometime later, cultivating this thought in our mind, the most common blockade begins to emerge: I need to feel prepared beforehand. But a truth here now between us? We will never feel completely prepared.

There will always be something that will bring a chill in the belly, a fear. An example is the urge to write something and someone to come and point a finger in the face and say: you did shit. How’s it going? If I, you, him, she makes a mistake and someone still shows up to correct us, how lucky for us, no? Well, we just discovered something that we didn’t even know we didn’t know, you know? But ask that person to show you the points at which you were wrong and you analyze whether they are acceptable or not. And in reality, we will have many fears in this regard. But, we need to take a risk (of course always knowing where we are aiming and how far we can go).


You can start to draw a direction from a simple exercise: stop and think about what got you here. About what you didn’t find and would like to have found. There, we have the first step. From this start to develop. Be it texts, videos, workshops, whatever, do it! You will see that one thing will lead to another. Something you didn’t know today connected you to a person who did. That same person is part of a community, just as he would like to know about something you do. And certainly, in this community, there are sure to be things you would be interested in.

Can you see the relational nodes that are beginning to be created?

image with lightning rows being connected

Listening is also important

But no more, no less important to know how to listen as well. After all, that’s how you learned something, right? Always listen to two sides of something if possible. Someone’s pro can be another’s pro and vice versa. And with that, you can be a little more prepared to articulate about the situation, about how to learn about it as well.

The beginning is difficult, the middle too, and if one day the end comes, you can believe that it will be part of it. Regardless of the stage, you are in, look for people who can help you. My DMs will always be open, for example.

I am not an expert on anything, much less the owner of any truth. I have long felt the need and desire to help my environment. This is another one of the exercises that I have combined with myself (and you can understand better in this here pt-BR).

If you made it this far, thank you. If you have any constructive criticism, do so. We are all here to learn.

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daniel anthony

Love that concept! Congrats! keep writing!

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Danilo Assis