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February 1st: Week in Review

*blows dust off of blog

Not like I missed a post or anything. Hope everyone has been doing well this past week.

Things I learned/did last week:

  • I learned how to leverage retries in rxJava for web service calls. There's a handy guide on rxJava error handling operators here if you need it. But what I used boiled down to:

Callable.fromAction(() -> webserviceClientOrWhatever.makeHttpCall())
    .subscribe(() -> 
     "Look mom I'm on Dev!"));

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I'm looking forward to leveraging it more in future projects now. It's some powerful stuff.

  • I learned the differences between Subject types in rxJS.
    • Subject: doesn't keep a history of events.
    • BehaviorSubject: when subscribed to, gives you the last emitted value.
    • ReplaySubject: keeps a history of values so a new subscriber can replay play those.
  • I learned to how to setup TravisCI for basic-music-player. Excited to build out the CI pipeline.

Some articles I read:

  • Once a month I read a post about emotional intelligence. I think it's a good reminder to be more mindful of yourself.
  • Found out about Pop OS, a new Linux distro built by System76 from this dev article by Jeremy Morgan.

Hope everyone had a good week, if you did anything cool you want to share let me know in the comments. Be seein' ya ๐Ÿค  ๐Ÿฎ

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