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The Great Developer Burnout Survey 2019

daraghbyrne profile image Daragh Byrne ・1 min read

I'm pretty passionate about burnout. I've even done it myself a few times.

I've learned a few things along the way.

Burnout sucks. I should know, as a veteran of a couple of major ones.

Like most adverse experience, you can learn a lot from burnout if you approach it in the right way. I sure have. It’s part of the reason that I started my website - to document strategies and practices that help.

I like to write. I find it therapeutic, but it’s also a way to share super valuable information.

My current project has a working title of “The Software Developer’s Burnout Bible”. It’s going to be a resource that covers everything you need to know about recognising, preventing and recovering from burnout.

I need your help! To keep me on track, I want to hear about your burnout experiences.

It would be AMAZING if you could take a few minutes out of your day to complete this short questionnaire about burnout and how it’s shown up in your life as a developer. All results are naturally confidential.

Click here to take the survey.

Many thanks!

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Daragh Byrne


I care about my sanity and yours too


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You don't have an option for "no" on ever suffered burnout.


Also "Option 1" in the final question


@daraghbyrne can you please make the survey results public (there is an option in google form to do so)


I will do a summary post with what I find!


I will, within the next week or two. I'll post here :)