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[Update v1] Filler game by Robin

darksmile92 profile image Robin Kretzschmar ・1 min read

Earlier this week I posted about how I got inspired to build this game with react:

Today I checked in an update.
The new features now include:

  • 2 Player mode (switching turn by turn)
  • New game button
  • Showing statistics (how many % of 50% to win)
  • New logo / favicon
  • Option: show owner on cell
  • Option: show number of cells acquired by color in button suggestion

Here is a Demo hosted on GitHub:
Screenshot of demo

Next up

  • Implement CPU opponent
  • Implement different solving strategies

GitHub logo DarkSmile92 / filler-game-react

The classic Filler game implemented as react app!

Filler game as react app!

Get started

Run the following commands in the terminal of your choice:

git clone filler-game-react
cd filler-game-react
yarn start


Visit for a demo.



Right now the game finds the best next step simply by calculating the max number of cells possibly to acquire with each color and using the max value as suggestion. The button with that color will be rendered with a border. If there are more than one equal possibillities, only the first is taken into consideration.

Solving algorhythm

At the moment there is no algorhythm to take steps automatically. Take on the challenge, create solvers under the ./src/solver/ path and share them!

Debugging with Visual Studio Code

First install the extension Chrome Debugger to your VSCode instance.

Run yarn start in your terminal, set your breakpoints in VSCode and press F5 to start debugging.

Discussion (2)

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peter profile image
Peter Kim Frank

Can't wait to play the CPU!

darksmile92 profile image
Robin Kretzschmar Author

Thank you!
Such feedback is what I need to keep going, I'll expect the CPU update to be finished by mid next week :)