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Hack your Frontend with document.designMode

document.designMode is a cool feature.

Perhaps not a very well known feature, hence this heads-up ;)

By enabling it in console (document.designMode = 'on'), you can edit and experiment with a page content right from the browser.

No need to change code on IDE.
No refresh.
Just live, fresh mangling. yay!

Check it out:

document.designMode in action on

Read more on Mozilla docs.

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prashantandani profile image
Prashant Andani

Wow.... Din't know this exist...

byrro profile image
Renato Byrro

Yeah, cool isn't it?

Can be very handy, especially when one needs to tweak the content (text/img) and see how it looks right upfront.

Have fun!

garador profile image

Holy sh*t