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Awesome Javascript - Best Blogs, Books, People, Podcasts, Conferences, NewsLetters, Videos and Documentaries On The Web (Free)

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Hey Dev Community!

Are you interested in learning web development? So you start Googling it, and you get bombarded with lots and lots of resources which are either sometimes irrelevant or out of date.

Below is the curated list of the most awesome Javascript blogs, articles, books and podcasts available for you for free on the internet.

There is a section at the end of the post left blank. I will be regularly updating that section with your suggestions for the best resources on Conferences, Courses, People, Livestreams, Meetups, Newsletters, Research Papers Videos, Documentaries & Films, Learning Paths. Let me know your suggestions in the comments below.

Hope you like it!




  • The Undefined Podcast - Full stack developers Jared Palmer and Ken Wheeler have peer-to-peer conversations with world-class engineers about software development.
  • JS Party - Welcome to JS Party, a weekly celebration of JavaScript and the web
  • React Podcast - Conversations about React with your favorite developers.


[To be updated with your suggestions] - Coming Soon. Stay Tuned!


[your suggestions]


[your suggestions]


[your suggestions]


[your suggestions]


[your suggestions]


[your suggestions]

Research Papers

[your suggestions]

Videos, Documentaries & Films

[your suggestions]

Learning Plans

[your suggestions]

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30 sec of code :github
Mozilla Developer Network
Awesome javascript learning :github (coves a lot of resources)


javascripttutorial.net (till es6 they haven't updated in a while)

Es6.io :course

alligator.io (personal fav.)



Thank you for your valuable suggestions.


If i may self promote, I have a course on JavaScript available on Educative -> educative.io/courses/complete-guid... based on a book which is available to read for free on github github.com/AlbertoMontalesi/The-co...


Thanks for sharing @AlbertoM.


JS event loop is a must for Videos, Documentaries & Films


Thanks for sharing this link. Indeed, it is a must-watch for every web developer. I will definitely put this in the videos section.


Please share your suggestions if you know about some valuable resources on the web. It will be really helpful for our community.


Thanks for sharing karan.


I recently started a blog and hope it could be on a list like this in the future


Hi Brett, please leave a link to your blog here for our community's reference.


Thanks, Mohammad for liking the post. Soon, I will be updating the post with suggestions from the community.If you have any recommendations please post in the comments thread below.