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My Favorite Vue Resources

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To learn about Vue, I started following interesting people in the Vue community, listened to podcasts, and completed several tutorials. I thought it might be helpful to others to share some my favorite of those Vue resources.

πŸ‘© πŸ‘¨ People To Follow

The Vue community is full of people who are not just talented developers but also welcoming, thoughtful, and generous. This list could go on and on but I’ve pared it down to the following:

🎧 Podcasts To Listen To

I started listening to podcasts about 2 years ago as a way to escape the repetitive drudgery of radio content and I’m so glad I did. It’s a great way for me to consume content while doing activities that don’t require my full attention. Like commuting to work, mowing the lawn, or waiting in the lobby while my daughters are participating in after school activities. Here is a list of my Vue favorite podcasts or specific episodes on Vue:

πŸ“‘ Tutorials & Resources

  • Official Vue Documentation - Some of the best documentation around, make sure to also check out the Style Guide, Examples, and Cookbook sections.
  • Alligator.io - Alligator.io provides quick and to-the-point tutorials on Vue and other web technologies.
  • Awesome Vue - A curated list of awesome things related to Vue.
  • Scotch.io - Scotch.io provides a large catalog of great courses and tutorials on Vue and other web technologies.
  • Vue Mastery - Vue Mastery is a great source of high quality free and paid video tutorials about Vue. A portion of their proceeds are donated to Vue, so supporting them also helps to support Vue.
  • Dev.to - Dev.to is a fantastic community for developers to share articles, questions, discussions on any topic, including more than 550 articles on Vue.

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twitter.com/ErikCH shares educative pieces on his YouTube channel


I have heard really good things about Erik Hanchett's content but I haven't consumed any yet, so I couldn't include him. Thanks for the suggestion.


Thanks for the shout out Dave! <3


No problem, Marina. Looking forward to what you do next!


I've been a Vue developer for two years and I still haven't realized all the content that's available out there. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the kind words, I 'm glad you enjoyed it.