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Fish Shell + Deno | Command Line

TLDR; This is a short tutorial on how to set up and use Deno with the Fish shell. NOTE: I am using a Macbook, I am not sure how to fix it on other OS.

Today, I wanted to try Deno for the first time, but I also use Fish as my main shell for the Command Line and I got this error after executing deno

fish: Unknown command: deno

The way I solved it was to go into the fish config files:

and add the following lines:
set -x DENO_INSTALL /Users/YOUR_USER/.deno

then just source ~/.config/fish/

After that you will be able to execute Deno in the command line using Fish Shell. Any errors after that, might be related to Deno’s shell or missing flags when running it.

Thanks for reading this short how-to post and feel free to share it.

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Denis Donici

Thanks for sharing!

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Balduino Fernando