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35+ Free React templates and themes

Free React resources are very difficult to find when searching for templates and themes on the Internet.

Even if you don’t care about the quality, they seem pretty undiscoverable, so moved by curiosity, I spent hours digging around on Google and Github, and the result is this nice collection of 35+ free React templates and themes. I wouldn't have bet on it, but they are also high-quality resources.

So, in this list will you find a vast variety of templates and themes to build pretty much anything you can imagine. For example:

  • Admin dashboards
  • Websites
  • Landing pages
  • Online portfolios
  • Blogs
  • Design systems

I’ve not distributed the resources into sections (e.g. website templates) because not everything in this list falls under a specific category (e.g. component libraries, UI Kits, etc..), so I would suggest you browse the entire article and bookmark your favorite ones.

A last point: Even although we can't consider component libraries and UI Kits as templates and themes, they are amazing starting points to kickstart new projects, so I thought it was worth mentioning a few of them in this collection.

1. Open


Live demo / Download

Open is a free React template created for developers who want to create a quick and professional landing page for their open source projects, online services, digital products, and more. With an aim to capture leads and email subscribers, Open offers a versatile library of sleek, minimalistic, and reusable components and elements.


  • Designed for open source products and online services
  • Dark and minimalistic design
  • Fully downloadable via Github

2. Atomize


Live demo / Download

Atomize is a React UI framework designed to helps developers cooperate with designers and build consistent and harmonious user interfaces without efforts. Thanks to a perfect combination of resources such as style guides and flexible grids, Atomize is suitable to create any kind of responsive websites.


  • Classy and beautiful React components
  • Design system for websites and responsive apps
  • Fully control to create responsive apps.

3. Treact


Live demo / Download

Treact is a gallery of free and modern React templates and UI components developed using TailwindCSS as the front-end framework. This archive of beautiful resources provides 7 pre-built main pages, 8 secondary pages, and 52 pre-designed elements and sections. Every piece of contente is fully customisable and scalable for desktop, tablet, and mobile.


  • Rich gallery of templates and blocks
  • Consistent imagery and illustrations
  • Modern and versatile look and feel

4. MatX


Live demo / Download

MatX is a beautifully-crafted React Native template built on top of Material Design. This Admin Dashboard template was built using React, Redux, and Material UI, and it includes all the essential features you may need to give your web application a new house. The free version of MatX can be used to easily set up admin panels, user management systems, and project management systems.


  • Material UI components and elements
  • Dashboard and analytics views
  • Beautiful palette combination

5. Holly


Live demo / Download

Holly is a responsive React JS template for producers of online services and digital products who want to start accumulating email addresses while the main product is still under development. This compact template was originally designed in HTML by Cruip, and then coded in React for this version.


  • Pre-designed shapes and elements
  • Super easy to set up and launch
  • Trendy and adaptable look for different product needs

6. OAH-Admin


Live demo / Download

OAH-Admin is a free React admin dashboard template based on Gatsby with oah-ui components and elements package. This React template comes with tones of well developed UI accessories, and the super tidy and flexible layout would enable anyone to easily create any kind of SaaS-based web application, admin panel, dashboard, and so on.


  • Beautifully built dark layout
  • Several extra components and actions
  • Scalable and elegant application interface

7. Gatsby Starter Ghost

Gatsby Starter Ghost

Live demo / Download

Easily create responsive and lightning-fast websites with this starter template by Ghost on top of Gatsby. Gatsby Starter Ghost is a clean and modern template for Blog, Magazine, or any news website. This product is specifically designed to help anyone create a personal space on the internet and share thoughts, ideas, and updates.


  • Full width hero to add images or videos
  • Pre-populated content
  • Sortable posts by author or tag

8. Star Admin

Star Admin

Live demo / Download

A free React Native template that presents an endless variety of essential elements to bring any idea to life. This template features a meticulously crafted dashboard with loads of neatly arranged and organised segments, it works flawlessly with all the latest and modern web browsers, and it's capable of making the process of data visualisation more manageable.


  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Material Design Icons
  • Simple yet flexible JavaScript charting

9. Carolina Admin Dashboard


Live demo / Download

If you’re looking for a stunning and yet functional React dashboard template Carolina Admin Dashboard has everything you need to get your web project up and running. This beautiful template is built on top of Material-UI framework and features a clean and fresh design following all Google’s Material Design guidelines. Last but not least, the core structure is a fully responsive and open source.


  • 23 main and inner pages
  • Utilities & helpers included
  • Fully scrollable layout

10. Tabler


Live demo / Download

Tabler is a free React admin dashboard template ideal for any kind of back-end web application. This admin template includes a wide collection of well-designed demos that will save you a lot of time by not having to start from scratch, and it also comes with reusable components such as buttons, maps, charts, forms, and many more.


  • Flexible charts and data elements
  • Unlimited back-end possibilities
  • Pre-built and responsive widgets

11. React Nice Resume

React Nice Resume

Live demo / Download

React Nice Resume is a beautiful theme to promote yourself and your works if you’re a developer, a designer, or a digital creator in general. This resource showcases a unique fixed hero section with particle background, work experience timeline, skills graphs, thumbnails to display latest projects, an enquiry section with functional input forms.


  • Particle component library
  • About me and contact details
  • Top header with smooth scrolls to sections

12. Boss Lite

Boss Lite

Live demo / Download

Boss Lite is a stunning admin dashboard template based on React and Redux. This template brings you a fresh and contemporary design with high execution apps and multiple color schemes. It was built to make the development process accessible for any kind of web-based project, and smooth thanks to a modern workflow and flexible layout with Flexbox.


  • High performance with SSR
  • Reusable components and modules
  • Easy to manage and maintain

13. Chakra UI

Chakra UI

Live demo / Download

Chakra UI provides a set of accessible and reusable React functional components that make it super comfortable to create accessible websites and user interfaces. Almost all elements in Chakra UI are dark mode compatible, they follow the WAI-ARIA guidelines specifications, and are built on top of a React UI Primitive for endless composability.


  • Hundreds of contributors
  • Complete format script
  • Ease of styling by passing props

14. Black Dashboard React

Black Dashboard React

Live demo / Download

Black Dashboard React is a production-ready React app template for admin interfaces. Built upon the design guidelines created by Bootstrap, this template is an excellent front-end option for enterprise based-applications, and robust back-end softwares. It introduces higher-level segments, design kits, and reusable charts to improve the user and development experience from the beginning to the end.


  • Well-written documentation
  • Mobile devices support
  • Dynamic permissions for different menus

15. Argon Design System


Live demo / Download

Start your next web design project with a React design system for Bootstrap 4, and Reactstrap. Argon Design System comes with over 100 individual components, pre-built examples, and every element has multiple states for styles, hover, focus, that anyone can easily access and play with. This product is a perfect solution to go from prototyping to full-functional code, because everything is already implemented.


  • Pre-built page variations
  • Modern user interface
  • Easily change texts and images

16. Devias Kit - Admin Dashboard


Live demo / Download

Devias Kit is a responsive material design admin dashboard built specifically for React using Google’s own Material Design framework for custom settings, directives, icons and styling, and more. This templates comes packed with clear and intuitive directories and files, a quick start documentation, and even Sketch files if you want to make any changes to the design quickly.


  • Multiple single pages
  • Style guide and typography scale
  • Complete user flows

17. Dev Blog

Dev Blog

Live demo / Download

Dev Blog is a React website template specifically crafted for developers who want to set up a quick and professional blog for their side projects and products. This website template comes with a front-page that displays a blog name, social media icons, and article thumbnails with text and images. The template also includes the single post page, with nice and curated typography.


  • Professional and personal blog template
  • Fix static images
  • The blog is completely statically generated

18. Material PRO

Material PRO

Live demo / Download

Material Pro is a free React Native template carefully handcrafted for anyone attending for an admin dashboard template. This nice and crispy product is developed with modular and modern design concepts, is 100% free to use and download, and includes lots of pages to help you create your projects quite quicker and easier.


  • Ready to use widgets
  • Integrated plugins
  • Dark sidebar Version

19. Ant Design Landing

Ant Design Landing

Live demo / Download

Landing is a template built by Ant Design System. This generous package includes diverse modules of front and inner pages that you can promptly configure and launch for your projects, and a flexible and very robust online editor that you can use to create unlimited dedicated pages that will look consistent with the rest of the website.


  • Sketch files included
  • Generous variety of templates
  • Comprehensive style guide

20. Isomorphic


Live demo / Download

Isomorphic is a manageable and attractive admin template with tonnes of flexible components, every one produced to be melodious and combined into beautiful web-based applications. With Isomorphic you can configure different navigation positions, sizes, and the palette scheme to quickly accommodate any kind of existing admin project.


  • Custom forms and pagination
  • Readable installation Guide
  • Different package directories

21. Shards Dashboard Lite

Shards Dashboard

Live demo / Download

Shards is a free React dashboard template featuring a modern design system and lots of custom pages and sections. This template is built from scratch while following modern development best practices, it’s fully responsive and able to adapt and reflow to any viewport size, and supports multiple 3rd-party plugins such as React Table, React Date Picker, and many more.


  • 1500+ supported icons
  • Lightweight and optimised for performance
  • Excellent code Quality

22. uiw


Live demo / Download

uiw is a high quality React component library and UI toolkit for React 16+. This magnificent resource is built following the latest design trends and best practices, and it comes with a huge assortment of pre-built and pre-designed components such as forms, buttons, dividers, date pickers, switchers, time pickers, palette, icons, and many more.


  • Released under the MIT License
  • Compiled component code
  • React overlay trigger

23. React Material Admin

React Material Admin

Live demo / Download

React Material Admin is a react dashboard built on top of Material-UI framework, and 100% jQuery and Bootstrap free. This react template is an incredible starting point to build front-end solutions for SaaS applications, E-Commerce platforms, IoT dashboards or whatever web oriented product you can imagine. The template is updated continuously with new gems and perks.


  • Fully supported via ticketing system
  • Basic dashboard included
  • Enriched with notification bars

24. Material KIT React

Material KIT React

Live demo / Download

Material UI KIT is a free React UI theme with a fresh and tidy design inspired by Google's material design. Along with the restyling of the Material-UI elements, this powerful resource includes three fully-coded example pages such as a landing page (to showcase digital products and apps), a portfolio page (to showcase previous works), and a login page (the entry door of any web application).


  • 60+ Pre-built elements
  • 3 Example pages
  • Fully coded and documented

25. Airframe


Live demo / Download

Airframe is a free and open source React app template based on Bootstrap 4 & React 16. With its minimalist design and innovative Light UI this template will let you build an astonishing and compelling responsive application with a great user interface. Airframe is particularly invented for large scale purposes that support a step by step documentation.


  • 10+ Layout variations
  • 120+ unique pages
  • Fully adapted responsive design

26. Gatsby Simplefolio


Live demo / Download

Gatsby Simplefolio is a clean, beautiful and responsive React portfolio template for developers, engineers, and programmers. The layout is very intuitive and the instructions provided along with the template will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes. You can also check for notes if you want to deploy the project on a live system.


  • Modern reveal animations
  • Styled with Bootstrap v4.3
  • Image optimisation with Gatsby

27. Ant Design Pro

Ant Design Pro

Live demo / Download

Do you need an out-of-box UI solution for enterprise applications as a React boilerplate? Ant Design Pro is a beautifully crafted React Native theme that provides developers and startups with a wide selection of ready-made dashboard pages, authentication, pre-built forms, and UI lists to quickly sketch and deploy application layouts that look great and work even better.


  • Designed for different screen sizes
  • Customisable theme with simple configuration
  • Built with the latest development stacks

28. React SaaS Template

React SaaS Template

Live demo / Download

React SaaS is a lightweight and fresh template developed for startups who want a simple and straight to the point page for their SaaS projects, online services, and digital products. React SaaS template comes with a home section supplemented with application features, a blog section, and a modal registration form to onboard new users.


  • Animations based on the viewport
  • Picker for the emojis
  • Loading bar at the top

29. Shards React


Live demo / Download

Shards React is a free React UI Kit featuring modern design styles with dozens of custom components. This large library is built for product-level apps and tools, and it incorporates comprehensive and wisely written guidelines, mobile UI elements, ready-made color schemes, and a new generation of graphical work solutions.


  • High-quality product prototypes
  • Sketch design files
  • Powerful set of premium icons

30. Base Web

Base Web

Live demo / Download

Base Web is a React Component Library for initiating, evolving and unifying web products. This immense product provides a robust suite of components out of the box, which includes (for example), ready to use functional elements like date pickers and low-level composable primitives. Base is a design system comprised of modern, responsive, living sections.


  • Extreme level of customisation
  • Style and organised components
  • Built-in accessibility

31. Light Blue React Dashboard

Light Blue React Dashboard

Live demo / Download

Light Blue React is a free and dark admin template built on top of React and Bootstrap 4. In terms of design, this template showcases several data-related and analytics widgets, a geo-location map, a fully functional side bar, and a header with several call to actions and a search input form. Also available in this resources UI lists and fully functional charts.


  • Beautiful dark layout
  • Traditional and social media logins
  • Interactive maps, charts, and widgets

32. React JS Landing

React JS Landing

Live demo / Download

React JS Landing is a simple React app template for startups, digital agencies, and product-related brands. This one-page template offers different scrollable sections via parallax scrolling effect, a thumbnail gallery to exhibit product features or benefits, several ready-made icons, a meet the team component, and a full width hero to display images or videos.


  • Attractive parallax scrolling effect
  • High-catching images and iconography
  • Get in touch section with text fields

33. Admin Pro

Admin Pro

Live demo / Download

Hand-crafted based on interesting technologies, this React Native theme has everything you will need to develop robust and intricate web applications, SaaS back-end interfaces, and software. The template is stuffed with a distinct assortment of necessary components that will make the development and customisation process great again.


  • 15+ pages and components
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Multiple chart options

34. Blueprint


Live demo / Download

Blueprint is a React UI theme and toolkit for the web. This theme is fully optimised for manufacturing complex, data-dense web-based interfaces for desktop applications that can run on multiple browsers, including IE11. On the contrary of very similar resources, Blueprint doesn’t embrace the mobile-first approach.


  • Scalable interactive table content
  • Elements for interacting with dates and times
  • Components for picking timezones

35. Datta


Live demo / Download

Datta is one of the most intriguing React free template around all other admin resources in the market. It appears with different content-centric pages, a fully developer friendly code, and before the final release it has gone through various processes and tests to make the performances and design aesthetics the best you could have ever known.


  • Real-time page customiser
  • Ready to use dashboard widgets
  • Faster loading speed

36. Flatlogic One


Live demo / Download

Flatlogic One is an entirely fresh resource made with React and Bootstrap front-end framework. The template is very fitting for creating FinTech, data tables, and web-based applications. Flatlogic delivers reusable React hooks for creating responsive web activities, and the main navigation is on the left sidebar so the content is always in the center and aligned for the best standards.


  • Functional maps integrated
  • Deep and rich backgrounds
  • Developer oriented product


I hope this collection of free React templates and themes will help you save some time during the development of your personal and commercial projects. Please feel free to share more relevant resources by replying below.

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CoreUI • Edited

Hi Davide, Thanks for an article, really comprehensive list - taking the chance, have you had a minute or two to take a look at CoreUI Free React.js Admin Template?
It can really save your time and...

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Sourav Paul • Edited

Hi Davide,
Impressive article. A lot of resources in one place.

We RedQ, Inc have brought a great collection of absolutely free landing pages built with React, Next JS & Gatsby JS. Every week, we’ll be adding top of the line Startup Landing demos to our collection. Visit our site:

Thanks man

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Hi Davide, I'm looking for an admin template and I'm a junior dev in react. I know how hooks work and I'm comfortable with Boostrap. I have never used classes for components.

What template do you recommend me? Grazie.

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Davide Pacilio • Edited

Hey Jacin, have you tried to check They got plenty of admin dashboards based on Bootstrap and React!

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Wow, thank you so much Davide.

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Sunil Joshi

Hey David, this is great collection and thanks for including one of our template from WrapPixel. We also recently released new react dashboard - Possible to get included if you are looking to update the article sooner or later.

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Rakesh S Nakrani

Hi, Davide

Thanks for include one of my product "Datta Able" in your list. Recently I released the Berry Free React Admin Template based on Material-UI. Take a look into it -

Hope you like it.

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Jitu Chauhan

Hi Davide, thank you for the article, an awesome collection of admin templates. If someone wants a niche template here is a list of templates available in the category.

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Azeem Sharif

Hi Davie, I am interested in starting my own blog in react.js but I have never created any blogs before. It would be nice if there was a template that may serve as a blog website and also my portfolio. If you would ? Which one will you suggest to me. Thanks

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Ahmed Aziz

Ho, thanks for the nice article. I have tried Treact and it's very awesome and easy to use. But unfortunately, they don't have template for e-commerce (which is what I need).

Do you know by any chance an e-commerce template that works in the same way like Treact?


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Mohd Ahmad • Edited

I also need one for ecommerce

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Dev Soul

Great collection...!! React Admin Templates are indeed very helpful for responsive web apps. I would suggest: Materio Free MUI React Admin Template.

It is one of the best React Admin Templates I've ever seen. It is based on MUI & NextJS. It is available in both TypeScript & JavaScript versions.

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Zelal Hossain

Hi Davide,
thanks for nice article. I have started to developed MERN Stack solutions. I already two solutions
MERN Stack Job Portal Template-

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I hope these will be helpful for developers to create website faster.

Hope we are coming with lot more MERN Stack and Headless WordPress solutions

Best wishes

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Jacin • Edited

Thank you so much! I paid for Cruip and I don't regret :). It's so awesome you have a company selling themes and at the same time you share a list with free templates.

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Davide Pacilio

Hi Jacin, very glad to hear that, and thank you for your kind words :) I try to bring some value regardless of the benefits I can get, so if I find valuable resources (even free or "competitive" to Cruip), I'm always happy to share them!

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Odelami Emmanuel Idowu

Hi Davide, Thanks for such a wonderfully curated list of React JS Templates. React JS LAnding was just what I needed :)
I needed a quick landing page and your article came to the rescue.
Thanks for saving me, I can't thank you enough!

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Great article. Thanks Davide. 👍

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davidepacilio profile image
Davide Pacilio

Hi Amelia, thank you for sharing this list. Do you run React.js Examples? If so, what's the best way to contact you? :)