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Roundup of .NET MAUI. - Week of July 11, 2022

Wow, lots of libraries and especially videos this week about .NET MAUI. I just got back from a full week at HQ in Redmond meeting with teammates I haven't seen in more than 2 years or...ever.

Table of Contents:


Material Color Utilities

A .NET MAUI implementation of a Google library, this gives you Material Design colors so you can easily utilize them in your app plus some helpers. You can use the colors as defined, or add your own overrides and fallbacks. The readme has code snippets:

GitHub logo albi005 / MaterialColorUtilities

Material You color algorithms for .NET

MaterialColorUtilities NuGet

C# implementation of Google's Material color utilities


  • HCT: a color space similar to HSL but with perceptually accurate colors
  • Quantize and score: extract the best colors from an image for theming
  • Scheme: turn a single color into a palette for theming

Features not in Google's version:

  • Style: different ways to generate palettes, available from Android 13
  • A generic scheme that supports different color types and adding type-safe custom colors


MaterialColorUtilities.Maui NuGet

A library for adding Material You colors to your .NET MAUI app


  • Dynamic theming on every platform (except iOS)
  • Light/dark theme support
  • Automatically storing and reapplying seed color/dark mode/style preferences

All of these can be turned on/off at any time.



There are sample projects for the console, Blazor and .NET MAUI in the Playground folder. These showcase different ways to use the two libraries.


You can ask…


Steema has released an update to TeeChart for .NET MAUI. This includes charts, map, and gauge controls covering dozens of use cases.

Community Toolkit

The team shipped 1.1.0 and Pedro Jesus has guest-blogged about customizing controls and the toolkit. This release includes the long awaited (BY ME) IconTintColorBehavior!

<Image Source="home.png">
        <mct:IconTintColorBehavior TintColor="Purple"/>
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SkiaSharp Various Packages

Matthew Leibowitz on the .NET MAUI team shipped a bunch of updates this past week, including a SkiaSharp view for .NET MAUI that plays Lottie animations!

All the NuGets


I may have highlighted this one before. I've built calendar controls before, and it's so fun I would prefer to just use something like this. ;) Check it out.

XCalendar screenshot


Now with .NET MAUI support.


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