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Roundup of .NET MAUI Videos - Week of June 13, 2022

I've been seeing more and more content coming out for .NET MAUI, and I love it!

Here are the videos that caught my eye from the past week.

There are even more videos than just these. Did I miss your favorite? Add a comment and let me know.


Javier Suarez, one of the engineers on .NET MAUI at Microsoft, hosted an online event and has just published all the sessions to his channel.

.NET Conf:Focus on MAUI will be August 9th! Hit the bell to be notified/reminded.

.NET MAUI and Layouts by Daniel Hindrikes

Daniel, an author of several helpful .NET books, introduces us to all the various layouts in .NET MAUI for organizing your UI elements, plus the BindableLayout for a non-virtualized repeater.

He has quite a few .NET MAUI videos in this series, so check those out as well.

Authentication with IdentityServer

Jose Cruz has been pumping out some excellent videos, and this one is bound to be pretty hot. Here he covers authentication with .NET MAUI and IdentityServer.

Light & Dark Mode with AppThemeBinding

Out of the box .NET MAUI styles provide support for light and dark modes (themes). This is made easy by a binding helper AppThemeBinding, and in this video Gerald, an engineer on the .NET MAUI team at Microsoft, tells you everything you need to know about it.

Fun fact, Gerald was the original author of the first pass at light and dark mode support in Xamarin.Forms, and co-authored the current implementation.

[ES] Curso de .NET MAUI

Hector Perez has started a series of videos providing an overview of .NET MAUI and building out a Phone Book App.

Performing CRUD operations in .NET MAUI

This video kicks off with 40s of music showing the finished product, so make sure to stick around for the instructional portion. I know some videos are all music and no talking (I may have made a few myself, hahaha), so just a friendly warning.

CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, and Delete; the four fundamental operations when working with data persistence. Pragnesh shows us how to use a sqlite database and manage data in a .NET MAUI app.

Bonus: he also posted a short video this week on using Toast and SnackBar controls from the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit.

Getting Started with .NET MAUI

Leomaris Reyes (AskXammy) gives us a quick 15 minute overview of .NET MAUI. Her blog is full of great, useful content.

Syncfusion hosted this webinar and they are now shipping a set of beautiful controls for .NET MAUI. Check out their site for a free trial.

.NET MAUI MVVM with Microsoft.Toolkit.Mvvm

Ok, this one is all music without narration for 15 minutes. Very soothing music as Microsoft.Toolkit.Mvvm takes away all the pain of MVVM.

.NET MAUI Buttons

Xamarin Guy starts up a new app, gives a quick bonus tour of Shell, and then digs into all the things you can do with buttons.

Testing and Debugging .NET MAUI Apps

Ed Charbeneau with Progress Telerik shows off some Blazor with .NET MAUI and tips for testing and debugging.

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