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Roundup of .NET MAUI Videos - Week of June 20, 2022

Another week, and round of new content for .NET MAUI learners! This week I also found content in Dutch, Hindi, Spanish, and Arabic. In no particular order:

Build Your .NET MAUI Android App with GitHub Actions

Token Based Authentication

Johnny does DOTNET

Dutch Version

Getting Started

Claudio Bernasconi

Walks you through installation and then updates the template .NET MAUI app to display currency exchange rates from an HTTP request. Jump right into the meat of that below:

Getting Started With .NET MAUI | .NET 6 - YouTube

Get Your FREE 30-Days Visual Assist Trial Today: [Ad]Today is the day we're finally getting started with .NET MAUI by building this ex...


[Hindi] Tutorial for Beginners

SignalR Chat App

I haven't had a chance to watch this one, but chat and SignalR with .NET MAUI is a great hook. Will def have to revisit this one.

[Spanish] Web, Desktop, and Mobile with Blazor and .NET MAUI

This is a meetup recording of Latino .NET Online featuring this presentation by Jose Columbie.

Local Storage in .NET MAUI

Suthahar Jegatheesan succinctly introduces you to storing data with a variety of options focusing on the Preferences API, and the video has an accompanying blog.

.NET MAUI AMA with James Montemagno

Does this even need a description? :)

[Arabic] .NET MAUI Blazor - TabbedPage Navigation

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