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Changelog to track software updates over time

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How common is it for companies to keep changelog's or release notes for end users/stakeholders?

I find I usually come across open source projects or some commercial products that actually maintain their changelog, but what about companies that produce software for internal use?

None can argue the benefit, but how often does it happen?

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My company does it, though it's put together by the support teams more to aid themselves in troubleshooting and given to key external stakeholders as an afterthought. Users of the system then get their own version from their stakeholder if they think changes are user-facing enough to address it. That's for anything b2b or purely internal (since in-house people need to call the help desk, too, like any other user).


I don’t think it’s very common but I expect it to become a bit more mainstream in the future.


Unfortunately I've never seen one, usually you end up hoping someone has been there long enough to remember or that you can find some clues in the source control logs

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