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Pink theme is great, but it would be better if it was dark.


I'm usually "dark theme all the things" I didn't love DEV's incarnation. I find the dark text on dark background hard to read, and find all the still-gleaming-white input boxes jarring.


Have you tried it recently? I think it's only getting better.

However, I do love the pink theme. If it was darker I'd definitely use it, but I simply browse too much to withstand a light theme.

Yep, I tried it out this morning - still not quite my jam, but DEV moves fast - I'll make a point to check in periodically! Pink is doing it for me for now :)


Well excuse me for having some culture :P


I already did, but now we are gonna have to address your snark too Ben.


Hey, I use the Pink theme. Snark feels like it comes with the territory.

I never knew those were the rules but it makes sense. U&I agree.

Snarky masculine pink is an unusual combination.


I love 2000s themes. Do you have any plan for this kind of theme? @ben

This is an example :)


Well, duh. Been using it since I discovered there are themes.


completely agree, no need to try changing your mind. :3


Nothing wrong with pink themes. I find them better for visibility!


oh! I didn't even know there was a pink theme. I like it.

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