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Ben Lovy
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You Lot Are Great

I've been looking through some older posts on my page, and am am just blown away by the volume and quality of discussion on this website, especially looking at it all at once. Every time I throw up a simple question y'all come through with nuanced discussion, and I've learned something every single time. Try that on Reddit. (No, don't.)

These are some of my personal highlights:

Seriously, ask DEV something. It works, and nobody bites. Have any of your posts generated some surprisingly good discussion? Show me, I'd like to take a look!

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Cécile Lebleu

I recently asked about one of the side effects of coding for extended periods of time — pain in the fingers, hands and wrists. I could barely type at all when I wrote it.
I was really surprised at the quality of the comments, some really nice advice on how to fix or improve the situation and also how to prevent it from happening. I’m not recommending the post itself; but the comments section is golden in my opinion!

I’m so grateful for this community. The positivity and solidarity in here is probably what has kept me going when it all gets tough. Thanks for being a part of it too!

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Ben Lovy

Thanks for the link! Great question, too, as it's something every single one of us needs to be mindful of. Our bodies were not exactly designed for this work, so active health is super important.

People really did have a lot to say, there - saving it for reference!

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Jess Lee

Aw, this is awesome!