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How to build an eCommerce App?

Why & How to build eCommerce Apps? Ecommerce platform not just sells stuff it guides you in knowing who is buying the products, when they are buying products and how much inventory to maintain. This information helps you in precisely targeting customers, reducing your committed investment capital and cost of operations.

Why develop an eCommerce app for your business?

The eCommerce App Development is a better way for showcasing your product line in front of customers and to boost offline and online revenue. Tracking customer interaction and behavior on the eCommerce app generates detailed analytics to make better business decisions. The decisions include inventory management of products, eviction of products with low demand, relating products to customer groups and target them accordingly. Selling baby diapers to bachelors or couples who don’t have a baby will not generate any revenue for you rather you should upsell baby products to couples with babies and senior citizens with grand Childs.

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When eCommerce app development is ideal for your business?

Ecommerce app development is ideal for your business in the following scenarios:

  1. When you are selling a unique product

When you are selling a unique product or the one that has less market presence and competition then an eCommerce website with digital marketing can rank-up your product on search engines to generate significant revenue.

  1. When you can deliver the product at lower prices

When you can deliver the product to customers at lower prices than gigantic eCommerce players like Amazon, Walmart or Target and still make great profit margins.

3.When you are selling pricey products with huge profit margins

When you list your product on large third-party eCommerce websites then these players take a huge cut from profits and own almost every right to set the discount percentage. The lower offer price can drag a niche product to low-end products and boost sales for a while but it sucks out the exclusivity of the product. The low exclusivity decays the demand for products over a period of time therefore soon you will need a new product to stay in business. With your own eCommerce website, you can sell the product at a price you wish but you need to fund the digital marketing campaign first with some initial investment, later on, the huge profit margins on each unit sold can easily fund the campaign steadily.

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What features a good eCommerce app should have?

*Ecommerce app for customers should have the following features:

*User-friendly navigation

*Product List & Categorization

*Product Detailing (Image & Video Gallery)

*Personalized Results & Notifications

*Product Comparison Tool

*Advanced search option (Image Search Voice search)

*Loyalty Programs

*Discount Codes

*Breadcrumb navigation

*Zoom in/ Zoom out image

*Add products to Wishlist

*Change quantity

*Flexible payment options

*Real-time tracking of the order

*Customer ratings & reviews

*Add to cart

*Save items for later

*Easy return process

*Support multiple payment methods and EMIs

*Easy checkout

*Visually appealing

Ecommerce app for Admin should have the following features:

Create profiles

*User role management

*Content management

*Product Categories/ Subcategories management

*Product Management

*Manage shipments

*Payment accounting

*Manage tax

*Order management

*Complaint management

*Offer and Discount codes management

*CRM tool with detailed analytics

Ecommerce app for a vendor should have the following features:

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If you can cut the features at least in half and still deliver an eCommerce application it would not be good but great.