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Deepak Yadav
Deepak Yadav

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As a Fresher: Internship or Job?

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As an Fresher it is most confusing decision choosing between job and internship, so let community decide together.

my vote is for Internship, as a beginner we are unaware of Realtime industry environment and working too. Also internships are like training, your senior developers will guide you and definitely you gonna learn many quality bosting things. So i am up for internship

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Henrique Ramos • Edited on

I think it depends on your priorities. I actually don't know how internship works in other countries, but in Brazil an intern works 30h/week, while a usual dev works 40h/week. Since most interns are in college, having a regular job could negatively impact your academic life

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From what i have seen in industry i'm against the internships.

Firstly no-one wants to pay you for it. It's a job, and you should be paid for, no matter that you still training, you add value to the company even with a small tasks.

Another thing is that most internships you gonna get, gonna be doing jobs that no-one wants todo ( unpaid ), and gonna get 0 to none training about the read job.

Sorry to sound so pessimistic, but i thing you better with a junior role doing some real work, getting paid and getting support from senior when needed.

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Henrique Ramos

I don't know if it's different in other countries, but in Brazil you are paid for internships!

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In my case i'm mainly talking about UK. Also have few friends from states that has similar experience. I'm not saying that there are no good interships, just that they are rare.

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Guilherme Thomas

There's a lot of variables to consider. I wouldn't be able to pay my current rent with a Internship so I had to improve my skills to get a Junior role.
Looking at companies, a bigger company offering a intership versus a small company offering a junior job, salary could be similar and choosing a bigger company sounds safer.
Besides, country laws can apply. Where I live you can't get a internship without being at the final stages of a university course. So your only option is a Junior role.

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In India internships provide a good exposure to how company works, usually college grads are not aware of the real world requirements and technologies implemented by companies. In college we are taught everything from c to .net, php, etc.

Internship of 3 months would give enough exposure so as to take on responsibilities as junior developer. Though pay is very less for interns but in the end it come downs to getting knowledge as much as you can.

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Vincent A. Cicirello • Edited on

Either an internship or job. They both give you experience. Before you have experience or before you've completed your degree, it might be easier to get an internship since you'd be a short term lower risk trial for the company.

Only consider paid internships. Where I work, we'll only consider approving students for credits for an internship if it is paid (unless it is a non-profit community service kind of thing). Most employers in my area expect to pay computer science interns, and most pay them well. On a few occasions when a student has come to me asking for approval for credits for an unpaid one, I've contacted their internship company on their behalf and explained why they should pay them. All but once they ended up paying them and all cases were small companies who were hiring interns for the first time, essentially learning themselves in a way.

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Jon Ashdown

Paid internships (apprenticeships) only. Never take on an unpaid internship unless the organisation you approach is completely run by volunteers. You will only gain valuable experience if the organisation values you, whilst some of that experience is learning technology from experts, it also needs to include other skills such as salary and contract negotiation. You will perform at your best if you are not worrying about bills.

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An internship is usually a step to get a long term job, either via getting to know a company on a shorter term (and cheaper) basis, or via to get to know an industry.

Comparing a job to an internship isn't really that "fair" since the two aren't really directly comparable.

I also agree with above, unpaid internships generally are not worth it. At the same time the limited window you can learn means you'll be limited to what you can learn. A job might not include training, but the same is true for an internship.

There's just too many factors and differences between the two to really compare them correctly.

But again, all things equal why pick the "temporary" position?

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Otu Michael

Before you choose an internship, if possible, as if the internship is a job. The reason is that some "small" companies disguise jobs as unpaid internships. They promise you the mentorship only to work as a full-timer. If it is an internship, it should be paid or it should be an actual internship where I get to the craftmanship in the art of SE. You can not be doing the same as a full-timer taking ?$1000.0 a month while you sip coffee and smile as if you are a disappointed anime character who has failed an interview at a manga studio.

If you are going for a junior dev job (at a company), make sure you consult a senior or community somwhere and learn about the loop wholes. As a "junior" dev you will sufffer a lot.

Also companies must stop throw tonnes of books on interns that they want the dev to "better" familiarize themselves with the code base. If this thing is working, it would have worked on the first intern and that code base has nothing to do with me. If you want it better, include the devs in the code design and structuring, not throwing "refactor" or "clean architecture" on me and telling me to "refactor" the code base.

In all be careful. If we aren't considering adequate payment and that kind of "ok" like cultured environment, I'd suggested a startup.

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I think this probably depends a lot on the country. Coming from the US, this is a weird question to me. Internships (in software) are for university students on summer break. If you're not a university student on summer break, you get a job instead.

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MD Sarfaraj

I began my career with a full-time job in a small service-based company, where I learned a lot, so I recommend every fresher to join a small service-based company as a full-time job.

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Volker Schukai

imho: Always a job and side projects to learn on the side.