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I wrote a Multiplayer Text Adventure Engine using Node.js

So, last year I wrote a Text Adventure game engine using Node.js, capable of taking several players on the same adventure through a text-based client and some basic chat features.

I had a lot of fun working on it and after the fact, I wrote a series of articles describing how I and what I did to get it working.

If you're interested, the full series just got published in Smashing Magazine.

That's it,

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

Instead of linking off-site bring the content here or at least bring in some screenshots.

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Fernando Doglio

Sadly, not all publications allow for that Andrew, technically the content was written by me, but it belongs to them. I can probably add some screenshots, but they make more sense within the articles than floating alone here.

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Jack Williams • Edited


You should have a look at RanvierMUD. It's similar in concept, built with Node.

It allows you to "bundle" different areas of content (regions, actions, items, NPCs).

I worked on it a little bit a couple of years ago, it was fun.