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Easy data animations in Vue with Vuenime

Few times in a row I have been creating data visualizations with animations that incapable of CSS transitions. Every time I implemented all animation logic from scratch using Animejs.
Except for the last one when I realized that the combination of the watch property and anime call can provide a simple way to create a wrapper component for declarative animations.

And I wrote it.

Then I discovered that there are no such packages in npm. Okay, there is vue-anime but it just adds $anime to Vue prototype and provides v-anime directive (which is limited to DOM node; also I don't use directives at all because of JSX).

And I made an npm package.

Frankly, it was a long process of finding free time, deciding how to provide documentation, which features are necessary for release, and so on. But I turned off the perfectionism and here it is!

I hope you find this package useful and give me some feedback!

NPM Package
GitHub Repo

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