So is it .yaml? Or .yml?

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Specifically in the context of k8s and docker which file extension is preferred?

When I asked my friend, his response was quite convincing...

I like .yml, it's 25% faster to write


Personally, I'm fine with whichever is the "standard"/majority preference for consistency sake.

Fun fact - Though .yaml is recommended, many codebases and documentation around the 🌎 begs to differ.

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I don't know why, but for some reason, I prefer .yaml over .yml.


Nice! Thanks for chiming in.

Just a quick follow up random question, if you were working on a project(s) and there was a mix between both .yml and .yaml files would it bother/annoy you?


Ah. Now that would be annoying for sure. If it was me I would go in and check to see if renaming them would have any issues. If not I would simply go ahead and rename them to .yaml and make sure it is following a standard.


I prefer .yml for one simple reason - I grew up in a time when file names were at most eight characters long, file extensions were three characters long, and the operating system enforced that.


In my project dynaconf I choosen to support both .yaml and .yml (I also added support for .toml and .tml knowing no one uses .tml)

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