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What mailing lists do you subscribe to?

For years I used to manage my email newsletters and tuck them away so I don't see them, and with the advent of Gmail's Promotions tab, I got even less noise every week. Still, I really wanted to stop getting most of these altogether. And it seems like I'm not the only one on making this effort lately:

There are a handful of newsletters that I do actually read every week, and I wanted to share my "never unsubscribed" lists!

Juniors in Tech: Keziyah has built Juniors in Tech into such a valuable resource, whether it's the newsletter (FILLED with articles for beginners and mid-level employees both), or the website with its job board, it's clear that she wants to be a resource to help newbies learn and grow.

Diversify Tech: @venikunche 's newsletter is invaluable for many of the same reasons as Juniors in Tech, with a broader experience set. She's also a fantastic follow on DEV or Twitter - I've learned a lot from her.

Bizarro Devs: I love seeing creative projects or weird code. This week's newsletter introduced me to my new summer love,!

Developer Avocados: This curated reading list also includes CFPs and upcoming conference info. I continue to be very interested in advocacy the more I learn about it, and it's really great to have hand-picked articles to further knowledge on it!

Codepen Spark: More examples of fun, creative code projects!

The Byte: The newsletter for Lesbians Who Tech. They often include scholarship or travel grant information for minority groups among industry news.

As far as non-tech newsletters, I look forward to Girls Night In every week, but I've unsubscribed from all the other "lifestyle"-type newsletters. For writing, I've been getting Reedsy's Friday challenge prompts for a few years. I've only submitted pieces twice, but I really enjoy having a cache of writing prompts to reference if I feel inspired to write but have a block.

What are your must-read newsletters?

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Helen Anderson
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Christian | πŸ§‘πŸΌβ€πŸ’» • Edited

I'm a fan of the Yo! Newsletter by Rob Hope, it's a curated list of Design, Development, Freebies (Who doesn't love a free font now and then), and Inspirational finds.

I have been meaning to get subscribed to more though, so thanks for your recommendations! (and those in the comments too)

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

I'm a big fan of anything by Cooper Press:

They do a great weekly roundup, and have several publications. Personally subscribed to:

  • Ruby Weekly
  • Javascript Weekly
  • Frontend Focus
  • DB Weekly
  • Postgres Weekly

Even if I don't get time to read the articles, they have a great summary for me to keep on the pulse of those topics.

Also love your newsletters! I've never heard of any of them, and am definitely going to check them out!

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Vicente Antonio G. Reyes

1.) Site Inspire
2.) Product Hunt
3.) 1kprojects
4.) HackerRank
5.) Avid
6.) DEV

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Janet Mendez

I love how I am already subscribed so some of your recommendations 😁
Some others I genuinely enjoy are:

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I love Cassidoo and Desk Lunch too!

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Henry Quinn

WebOps Weekly has far and away been the most interesting thing in my inbox these last few months: