What's your creative type?

Desi on April 24, 2019

Adobe Create just released a fun quiz on finding your creative type. Cute monsters included!

I got the Artist, which surprised me - what about you?

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I got the Artist as well. Seems to be pretty spot on, could be just the Barnum effect though.


I got "Maker", and the description seems pretty spot on to me!


I'm the Innovator. These kind of tests are the best procrastination tool ever invented.

(the share link doesn't work)


"Beware when the initial spark of inspiration starts to wear off and you feel tempted to move on to the next big thing a little too quickly. "

That's basically my bio.


I got maker, and it ended up being a bit more accurate for me than what I was expecting!


I am the Dreamer, which rings true with me always getting Empathy types.


I got the "bored after four questions".

I did wonder whether they were using things like the length of time before someone clicked "skip" as factors in their algorithm. But then I thought this is asking you to choose between words which have different meanings in different contexts... so it's just random. Right?


Ooooooooooo. I got “The Visionary”. Maybe that’s why I have notebooks full of app ideas.


The dreamer here! 😀
Thanks for sharing this fun quiz, Desi!


I am the Adventurer, for sure!
I'd say it rather accurate.

My ideal collaborator is an Artist, hint hint!! :)

The Adventurer


I am a visionary. Caught me by surprise! I expected something else. (ou o;;

Also those animations where wth, it took me a bit to notice that they represented the answer you just selected.


I got visionary and... The description is pretty close to reality!


I got dreamer.

dreamer > innovator > maker > visionary > thinker > adventurer > artist > producer > dreamer

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