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Worry, Worry, Worry, Worry...

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Perfect is the enemy of done.

Done is better than perfect.

After having a pet project essentially completed for a few weeks, I decided to just throw it up on Netlify and finish the remaining tweaks later.

Worry Tree App

The Javascript is probably a lot uglier than it needs to be, but I was just happy to get it working. Next up is making the transitions fade in and fade out to be a little nicer and improving accessibility. It's living on Codepen, too!

A soundtrack for my fellow worriers

Hopefully someone else will find this helpful - it's really done a lot for me already. If you have any tips on the fade animations, or the super hacky code, let me know!

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When developping I'm a fan of the Most Valuable Product (MVP) that I learned in The Lean Startup book. It relieves me of so much worry as to when to stop polishing. I now aim to build an MVP then I ship it and enhance when demands arise