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How tedious can job Search as a frontend developer be?

Hillary Chibuko
A frontend web developer Based in Africa,Nigeria
・2 min read

At one point in our coding career we all feel the need to work on something else other than dummy projects from youtube and todo-apps

that feeling also comes with the idea to start searching for a frontend developer job with some cool pay

truth be told the journey of job search is really tedious

i started of my job search as an 18 year old last two months i had no idea of what i needed in order to land my first job,but honestly speaking i've gat the skills man

i started out building some basic projects so as to fill up my github repo.
i built few projects like a todo-app ,weather-app,chat-app, and also a movie-search-app , i also exploited several api's
after this few things i started applying for jobs and in two weeks no response from any job which i applied for
offcourse i became frustrated,then i decided to go farther , in previous searches i didnt have a resume neither did i have a portfolio to show my works, so i started working on my portfolio it was not much of a deal thou -->

after that i developed a quite cool resume and also decided to have an online presence and i chose
well my job Search continued , a week passed two weeks passed and after few more weeks i began recieving calls from companies, usually your skills will be tested and few times you may be rejected but whats it all about?

keep striving a single||multiple rejection does not mean you arent worth it

at the time
of writing this i am currently undergoing a technical interview

Keep it cool out there guys||girls and keep codding!!

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Let's Code

I've been there before and it is painful at first cause you will face a lot of rejection which is normal. My recommendation is to keep practicing, build things, and even apply and go to lots of interviews. See what are the common questions asked and practice them when you go home. Rinse and repeat.

I would suggest LinkedIn for job hunting. As far as an interview, I have a playlist of video on youtube that may help -

Good luck! You can do this. Everyone started as painful as you do.

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Hillary Chibuko Author

thanks alot Angel ,
actually i am to be interview on monday by two it companies,so currently i am searching on what interview questions i will be asked,

can you help me

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Let's Code

check my youtube above. I have interview questions about HTML, CSS and JS.

Good luck to your interview!

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Adam Crockett

How do you find jobs? The best way for me was linked in, I was brave, found important IT sounding people in companies and just asked them if they had any jobs.

I got an interview that way which kickstarted my career, the company name was Dyson, and that carries some weight, so my advice to you.

Be brave, be keen, never stop learning, seek to empower others but never be better than them. Understand that simplicity is what employers want and working in small chunks is always always better than a finished final product.

Remember these lessons and your search may be short

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Hillary Chibuko Author

Thanks alot man....
I really appreciate

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Just expect anything. I learnt Redux for over 2 years, got another job and their entire codebase is in mobX and typescript, you'll be made to implement features that the entire YouTube and stack overflow haven't covered. Keep practicing and applying, a job would definitely come.

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Aaron Reese

Network with your local tech and business meetups (after covid). Volunteer to give a lightning talk, make some YouTube videos and just generally get your name out there.. I know you are just starting out but if you can find a niche of either market or tech stack it is easier to stand out and comma d higher rates. By niche, I really mean niche. Not a web dev, or web dev for hairdressers, but web dev for mobile hairdressers specialising in afro-carribean extensions.

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Bob Bass

Hang in there my friend, I am struggling with the exact same thing at the moment, slightly different angle. I was planning on writing up a bit about it as well because I have so many random but specific questions.

For what it's worth, I've had the Time of My Life just networking with other developers over this past year. I am throwing out a big net to hopefully speed up the process of it but the networking is exciting all on its own.

I wish you the best of luck!

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Don Alfons Nisnoni

I've ever on that situation and I know it's very frustrating but just never give up and keep building things. I will say to you that I send maybe 300+ application before getting my current job.

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Ivan Tanev

Please use proper punctuation in your post. As written, lack of periods and capitalization is very distracting.

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Hillary Chibuko Author

Thanks alot ill work on that

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Your shared experience was really good ☺️ but the thing is you have to redesign ypur portfolio because that literally sucks😅😕. Please try to make it simple but good and 100% responsive 😉

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Hillary Chibuko Author

Thanks man ill work on that

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Right where you are. Gotta keep it going 👍🏽

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