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Ahmad Abdulaziz
Ahmad Abdulaziz

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What Podcast do you recommend for developer to get better.

What podcast would you advice developers to checkout to improve, and become better developer.

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Ali Spittel

CodeNewbie is amazing. They also have a Base.cs offshoot which teaches computer science stuff. I know the name says "newbie", but I've been programming for quite a few years and I still find them super helpful and inspirational!

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Ahmad Abdulaziz • Edited

Yeah base.cs is really cool

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Ben Halpern

Software Engineering Daily is super informative. I'm really fond of The Bike Shed, which skews towards Ruby/Rails dev.

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Gift Egwuenu • Edited

You should check out Front End Happy Hour Developer Tea

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Coders Campus Podcast and Start here: web development

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Richard Orelup

While not something that I think is really about making you a better dev, I really enjoy the Stack Overflow podcast. It's definitely developer focused and there have been some great guests on that enlightened me on things that I wasn't aware of.

Also Scott Hanselman has a great podcast where he talks to devs from all areas that is also a great listen.

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Saurabh Sharma

If you are in web development then A Tasty Treats Podcast for Web Developers. is great too.

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coding is great. They go over software engineering principles and learn along with the audience.