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Hacktoberfest 2020

devanshd3 profile image Devansh Dixit ・1 min read

Happy to share that I have successfully completed this year's Hacktoberfest2020 challenge!! It was a super amazing initiative by DigitalOcean for those who were looking for open-source opportunities. I personally didn't know how to start my open source journey but this challenge was so beginner-friendly and had prizes( an amazing T-shirt) for those who completed it early on.

I had to make 4 pull requests but I managed to make 7 valid PRs (one got rejected). The language that I worked with was mainly #python and some #javascript. I made use of some of my #photoshop skills and made a nice footer for an organization that they really liked ( contributed as a designer XD ).

Would recommend it to anyone/everyone who wants to start contributing.


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Same Here completed the challenge