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5 Tips to Improve your Portfolio's Engagement in 2022

Portfolio's are an excellent way to show your skills and worth to your potential employer, or client. It's also helpful when you want to showcase your projects to the worth and have some engagement on it.

However, sometimes it can be hard to find engagement on your portfolio as well as projects. To solve this problem, we have talked about some of the best 5 ways to improve your portfolio's design as well as portfolio's engagement.

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1. Use Images & Visuals

Using images and visuals in your portfolio is a huge plus point and it help the visitor to understand everything quickly, and therefore the engagement increases.

How to correctly use images in portfolio?

Here are some of the best ways to use images in your portfolio, that increases engagement and sales:

  1. Have a cover image for your blogs.
  2. Same small video clips, or have a collection of images of your projects, that shows the visitor everything about the project.
  3. Use illustration and graphics in important areas of the website. Here are 15 Best Websites to Find illustrations for Free Online.
  4. Use images of certificates, awards, and pictures of event to show that you have practical experience.
  5. Showing something is better than telling something.

2. Use Animation

Similarly than images and illustrations, Animation is a new and modern way to engage your visitors and to show them your skills. Animations can effect the user experience as soon as the visitor starts interacting with the website.

Best Practices of using Animation

Here are some of the best practices of using Animation in your website.

  1. An animated starting screen is really important now-a-days to improve user experience.
  2. If possible, try to make animated cover images for your projects and blogs.
  3. Animated profile picture, logos could be extremely beneficial.

3. Have an contact form

One of the main motive for your portfolio can be to get clients, to for your potential employers to contact you. Just putting an email address instead of a contact form can decrease the websites CTA (Call to Action).

The best way, we recommend is to have a small contact form at the end of each page, and a full contact form with all the desired categories should have a total different page, which should be linked at the top of the main page.

How to Design a Contact Form?

Make sure to put all the things, we discuss below to put it on your contact form.

  1. Make it small, but not incomplete.
  2. Have required boxes for email, name, and a message.
  3. If you wish to have more information, you can add optional contact forms for phone number, company name, website, and social media.
  4. Check marks are an great ways improve the engagement of the form.
  5. Don't ask useless information, that you don't require in the form. It can be done later, through email or on a call.
  6. Make sure that your submit button are easily visible.
  7. You can add a Confirm Human integration, this is complete optional.

4. Have a custom Error / 404 Page

The default 4o4 pages of any libraries and frameworks are not very good looking, and of course, doesn't match the overall overall theme of the website.

Though, default 404 pages are good enough to show the visitors that they are at the wrong page, but it definitely decreases the engagement of the visitor.

How to improve a 404 page?

Custom Error / 404 pages are essential now-a-days. I have seen many websites that either don't have a custom 404 page or just uses a very bad looking one. Here are some of the way to improve it:

  1. Make it small and precise, so that the visitor can easily understand it.
  2. If you can, write a funny small quote instead of this page doesn't exist.
  3. Make sure to illustrations, and memes on the page.
  4. Make sure to add a button that redirects to the main page of website.
  5. If you are using ads, please don't put ads on this page because it will definitely not give a good first impression of your website.

5. Check the 5th Tip on our Complete Article on Developer Noon. This Tip is Really Important.


In this article, we talked about some of the best ways that you can implement on your portfolio to improve the engagement, and the sales of your products. These tips are highly effective, and are used by some of the most visited portfolios in the world.

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Biased, but 100% agree with incorporating animation!

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