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Stick-it Notes PWA - do you like it? [ webapp + code ]

Hey All!
Tharun Here. I had developed this Stick-it Notes application and hosted it online. Would like to hear feedback on it.

Purpose of the web app: To learn


  1. Can Add, delete notes
  2. Works on Desktop and Mobile Phone responsively
  3. Works offline
  4. Can be installed on the desktop and mobile phones
  5. Personalized to you, the notes you add stays in your phone

About this application:

It is a PWA, meaning, a Progressive Web App. One of the current modern powerful ways to build websites. You can read more about PWA here

Link to the website:

Github Repo of the website:

Thank you
Also feel free to share the websites and PWAs which you have published.

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Top comments (6)

chandrika56 profile image
Jaya chandrika reddy

Tried it on my phone, it works very well. I love the color palette and the offline features. My suggestion would be to add a feature to edit the notes.

developertharun profile image
Tharun Shiv

Thank you.. sure.. will consider that. πŸ™‚

venkat121998 profile image
venkat anirudh

I like the dark theme like experience.. Good features. Planning to use them😊

developertharun profile image
Tharun Shiv

Thank youπŸ™‚

praveenreddy1798 profile image

Good one

developertharun profile image
Tharun Shiv

Thanks :)