What are the Legal things to take care when creating a Blog Or any website

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Say we're creating a Blog, or a website, or an app.
What are the legal policies, registrations and copyright checks we should do, to be completely Legal.

Ex: I heard that we've to use a privacy policy on our website, when we use Google Analytics.

So, what are the things like this that we should follow?

Thank you, even the little information that you comment below will help anyone.

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Are you in the US? If so and you have 15 or more employees, your site must be accessible.


Oh I see.. okay.. will note that down. Thank you 🙂


One important thing to do if you're publishing your work online would be to check which licenses you want to publish your work under.

I would advise for a Creative Commons licence for any creative content that is not code (Such as the articles on your blog) and an open source licence for your code.



  • a cookie policy if you store cookies on the user’s browser
  • a privacy policy if you collect personal data from your users

It depends on the services you use. For example, do you use Google Analytics? Then you need to inform your users you’re collecting data about them.


If images is not yours. Search for images that has creative license and please do not copy another person's work to make it into your own.


DMCA and copyright takedowns, GDPR-related data rights, COPA in some cases. The list goes on, but those come to mind as things to be aware of as part of a baseline.