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How to escape from tutorial hell and get a job as a web dev 🔥

So you think you rock. You have done lots of tutorials about web development and you know by heart all the versions of javascript and the name of more than 20 browsers. You think you're really good cause you fully understand when your instructor is coding. Naturally, you searched for a job. And then, shock! The recruiter just said you weren't accepted, just because you have nothing concrete to show. What! Didn't he see my beautiful certificates? 60 hours. I was so proud of me finishing it within a month.

Please, don't be that guy. You can't just say that you know how to code just because you know how to read code. You have to get your hands dirty. So I'm here to show you how you can achieve that and impress your future employer.

In reality, the answer is very easy, you just have to work on a personal project as you think you would work for a job. You have to...

Build a portfolio!

Yes, you can actually build a portfolio, I know that's incredible, but you can. You don't just have to follow the same boring exercises that the course proposed. You can Free your imagination! So every time you learn a new skill, create a little project. It does not have to be perfect, only good is enough. You have to save all your projects in a folder, and that's it for the first part. When you've finished your course, don't just run searching for the first job you can find, maybe while being underpaid. Remember that you need a final project for your course. So guess what... Your final project will be to build a big portfolio with all your small projects! Yes, it will take you more time to finish your course, but you will really learn things. And when your future employer will look at your profile, he will appreciate the certificate, but much more the cool portfolio you added as an attachment.


Table of content

How to build a cool portfolio

Care your little projects

Your future employer will care about your portfolio and your little projects. Even if you don't have to pass a lot of time on it, remember to write correct code and maybe to review all your projects at the end, with the skills you learned during the other parts of the course.
Check this article on how to write CSS like a pro


Take your time

I will never have repeated it enough, especially if you are young, take your time! You can't create a good portfolio overnight. Take your time to add details and to learn all the things you may need. Try to always have an open mind to new things.

Make it interactive - Tell a story

You have to focus on Quality, not only quantity. Write a good code and make the content look special. Tell a story and never let the viewer feel bored. Also, tell how you did each little project, don't just blandly show the result.


Make it personal

Focus on Animations, but also on text. Don't show that you only know how to code, but also that you have lots of soft skills. Show all your past experiences and contribution.
Remember to add all your other social links (create a full online presence)

Tell only the truth - don't say false things just to appear cool

Be Creative

Remember to always be out of the box. We are all good at being the same as others, the strength is in being unique. Add your personal style. and add things that no one would expect. Sometimes it is better to take risks.
Try also to Work on images, don't just copy the first one on internet but only the best or better, upload yours!


And maybe include your certificates😉

PS: When you feel that you can't code anymore or if you have some headaches, just stop coding! If you are really determined, you will come back to it at a later stage with a clearer mind. That's normal. If you want to be a programmer...

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Hervé Vũ Roussel

Thanks for the article! I like your points about story telling... it's about connecting the dots :-)

devlorenzo profile image

Thanks for your comment 👍. Storytelling is for sure one of the most important things, without it, relationships would not exist. “We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.” - Jonathan Gottschall.

hroussel profile image
Hervé Vũ Roussel

“The human species thinks in metaphors and learns through stories.” – Mary Catherine Bateson :-)