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Friday Night Deploys: #11 Maybe It's Legacy Code, Maybe It's Just S**t

phizzard profile image Phil Tietjen ・2 min read

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Using the podcast to get dates! The weird and mysterious world of fake martial arts! That one time Keith and Phil took a Muay Thai class! Knife fights! Jump Rope For Heart! Keith's grade 8 obesity! The Superbowl! Why Jenga sucks! Fighting people who write bad code! Hooligans! How new code can be just as bad as old code! Phil sabotaging future developers at his old job! The current state of Yahoo! Jamming things into ViewBags! Toothpick and marshmallow bridges! Jake Paul? Udemy's shady business practice! Vanilla Ice signing over the rights to Ice Ice Baby to Suge Knight after being held by his ankles over a hotel balcony! Lot lizards! Scott Stapp not being worth $500! Chris Hansen opening up our YouTube channel!

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