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Friday Night Deploys: #13 Sorry, Your Friends Make More Money Than You (#KnowYourWorth)

Am I still playing catch up promoting our podcast episodes? I like to think of it like the notifications that go out when you follow us are like the Manga of Friday Night Deploys where our hardcore fans like Andreas and Erica experience, and these posts are like the anime where we mess everything up and gain a separate following that the hardcore followers can evolve into true early adopters or even ascend to hipster levels. What am I doing again?

(Sorry Keith, I brought up anime again.)

Last time the DevPlebs talk about: React portfolios! Matt Hoffman! Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide on Nickelodian! Phil not being able to ride a bike! Deep dish pizzas! Phil betraying the trust of his family! Overeating! Stealing toilet paper from the college! Phil missing the train! Jason Momoa being in Toronto! Hakata Shoryuken Ramen! $3 for a 20 oz pint of Sapporo! Keith's terrible time skiing! Shallow hips! The movie Shallow Hal for some reason? The bullshit of negotiating your salary! Using self-deprecating humour as a defense mechanism! The true meaning behind "The Six"! Barrie Wrestling! Getting paid way too much! Whether or not people like lakes! Reverse osmosis water filtering! Eddie Guerrero (RIP)! Starting an OnlyFans! Keith's alcoholism! Criss Angel Mind Freak! Adorkable misogyny! Salaries n' stuff!

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