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Follow Friday: NoSQL Edition (21 October 2022)

Happy Friday, friends! πŸŽ‰ Follow Friday is your weekly opportunity to shout out fellow DEV Community members doing awesome work. Check out the comments and follow someone new!

As the name suggests, NoSQL databases are non-SQL (or not-only-SQL), meaning that they store and retrieve data using a format other than relational tables.

Some popular examples of NoSQL databases are Redis, MongoDB, Azure's Cosmos DB, Amazon's DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, Couchbase β€” and the list goes on!

So, devs! Who are your favorite authors writing about NoSQL databases?

Formatting tip: to populate a card with a follow button, use the liquid tag syntax {% embed https://... %} and insert the URL of your favorite author's profile.

Join in on the #FollowFriday fun by @mentioning your favorite author to follow on the topic of NoSQL (and letting us know why you love their posts!) ‡️

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Michael Tharrington

Gotta give a shoutout to @jod35 who recently put out a whole series of video posts called Learn Redis (starts here).

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Ssali Jonathan

Thanks. I really appreciate.