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GitHub Actions Hackathon Winners, Announced!

Back in August, we announced an exciting new challenge on DEV: the GitHub Actions Hackathon!

Participants were asked to create and document workflows that either leveraged existing GitHub Actions or made use of a new, custom action they built. These projects were filed under one of five categories: DIY Deployments, Maintainer Must-Haves, Phone-Friendly, Interesting IoT, or Wacky Wildcards.

You might have thought that the challenge here was in creating and leveraging actions, but the real challenge was for the judges. We were very impressed with the quality, creativity, and technicality of your projects, and selecting just a few Hackathon winners was extremely difficult!

After much deliberation between the DEV and GitHub teams, the final results are in!

Without further delay, let's meet our five grand prize winners and their awesome projects:

DIY Deployments:

Maintainer Must-Haves:

Interesting IoT:

Phone Friendly:

Wacky Wildcards:

All Grand Prize Winners will receive:

  • $1,500 USD gift card or equivalent 🤑
  • $300 USD credit to the DEV Shop 😎
  • GitHub Swag Pack 🎁
  • DEV Sticker Pack ✨
  • DEV “Actions Hackathon” grand prize winner badge 🏆

Our Top 10 Runners-Up, in random order!

All runners-up will receive:

  • $250 USD gift card or equivalent 💰
  • $150 USD credit to the DEV Shop 🌈
  • GitHub Swag Pack 😎
  • DEV Sticker Pack 💻
  • DEV “Actions Hackathon” runner-up badge 🌟


All participants with a valid project will receive a DEV sticker pack and a DEV "Actions Hackathon" participant profile badge. 🎉

To everyone who submitted a project for the hackathon, fantastic job. By participating, you have helped to improve the GitHub Actions and open source ecosystem for everyone!

The GitHub team will follow up with each winner via email about their prizes, and the our team will do the same. Reminder that the DEV Team is on a company vacation this week so don't expect to hear from us until next week.

Thanks to all of you ❤️

Top comments (30)

peter profile image
Peter Kim Frank

Congrats to @mandiwise , @jeremyong , @mxarc , @callmekatootie , and @dtinth for being our Grand Prize winners!

Seriously blown away by the quality and creativity of submissions from everyone who participated. We hope that this contest served as a good opportunity to learn about GitHub actions, up your skills, and compete with your fellow community members.

maverikai profile image

I haven't got the badge though I have submitted the post before the deadline but I have not got any mail or anything.
The link to my post:

mandiwise profile image
Mandi Wise • Edited

Thanks, I had a lot of fun putting this project together! It was exactly the motivation I needed to finally dive into GitHub Action :)

Shout-out to for hosting this event!

jeremyong profile image
Jeremy Ong

Awesome! Thanks again for running the hackathon. Heaps of fun :)

callmekatootie profile image
Mithun Kamath

Thank you!

callmekatootie profile image
Mithun Kamath

Wuhoo! Thank you to the reviewers!

Came across multiple impressive Github Actions! Glad to have been part of the hackathon! Looking forward to participating in many more hackathons on DEV (Keep 'em coming!!)

spiritupbro profile image

oh my God i didn't expect im become a runner up thanks

haimantika profile image
haimantika mitra • Edited

Omg! Took me almost 12 hours to actually process that I made it to the runner up position🙈. This was my first every action, took me around 84 commits to fix an error 🙈. It was so much fun! Thanks to the DEV Team for this!

ojoanalogo profile image
Alfonso Reyes

Congratulations to everyone who participated! 🏆 Together we make the open-source ecosystem stronger and available to more people from different backgrounds and places.

Some Actions are mindblowing and I'm so glad to've participated, as a person who loves learning by doing this hackathon was the perfect excuse to try something new.

Looking forward more community events, thanks to the staff and community <3

shunjid profile image
Shunjid Rahman Showrov

Congratulations to all the Winners and Runner-up. 🤗 Thanks to GitHub and the DEV community for this awesome hackathon. It was really a great experience.

bdougieyo profile image
Brian Douglas

Awesome job, everyone. It was nice to see so many great examples using this GitHub feature.

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Some cool projects here congrats all!!!

darthbenro008 profile image
Hemanth Krishna

Congratulations to everyone who participated! was really amazed by the creativity and useful GitHub Actions this Hackathon has produced! It was a surprise that i made it to the Runner Up list. Kudos to The DEV Team for conducting this amazing hackathon! Had a great time building this action :D

raisinten profile image
Darshan Sen

Congratulations to everyone! Thank you GitHub and DEV for this awesome initiative. It was a great experience building GitHub Actions for all of us! :)

juanpflores profile image
Juan Pablo Flores (he/him)

Yay yay yay! Great job for putting this together!!

mzaini30 profile image

Congrats for all winners....

potential17 profile image
Shashwat Pandey

Congratulations to all the participants !!
Did anyone got an email update whose projects comes under "All participants with a valid project section"

vj profile image
Vasu Jain

not yet.

tcelestino profile image
Tiago Celestino

Congrats winners!

frikishaan profile image
Ishaan Sheikh

Congratulations to all the winners!🎉