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My Favorite Code Conference

I am so happy to be a part of what I believe has been the best conference in our industry since its inception three years ago...

👉 CodeLand 2020

In case you missed it:

Why is CodeLand such a great environment? The devil is in the details. For one, the talks are heavily vetted to deliver value and speakers are instructed to strip away buzzwords in favor of concise, inspiring 15 minute talks.

The beautiful venue at NYU in downtown New York City across from Washington Square Park in the summer also helps.

Washington Square Park

With activities like office hours, resumé reviews, professional headshots, the likelihood that attendees come away with real career value is about as high as possible. Conferences are great for keeping up with industry trends, making connections, etc. and I think CodeLand delivers the best platform for all of this.

CodeLand is priced so that more people can attend, and there is a great scholarship program on top... It's not exclusively for those swiping a corporate credit card.

DEV Involvement

Because we are part of this, there will be opportunity to meet up with folks from this online community. It will also mean that we will have a thematic influence on the conference, and that theme is open source, collaboration, and the evolving software career. We believe that the next decade of this industry will mean collaboration of all kinds between companies and communities, shared resource, shared learning opportunities, and a central role for community.

Expect several talks and workshops to touch on these themes. We will also provide workshops surrounding using DEV for career growth, but also using our open source tools in different ways.

We have new frontiers ready to launch and CodeLand will be at the center of it all...

If you are interested in getting more involved in our ecosystem and being an early adopter of the DEV distributed social forum software, please attend. We will have plenty to go over.

Early-bird ticket sales end tomorrow

CodeLand tickets start at $99, and while there will continue to be scholarship opportunities, your chance to get in at this price closes soon.

We have not closed the CFP, and therefore have not announced speakers and workshops yet, so if you are going to buy early-bird, it is on the faith that we will have a great lineup. (P.S. Still time to apply to the CFP)

👉 CodeLand 2020

See you in New York 💜

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florincornea profile image
Cornea Florin

Hello, i'm not sure if something like this exists but it wold be nice to have a single place where you can see all the tech events divided by the regions.

For example i'm located in Romania and it would be difficult for me to attend a conference in NY, but something like WeAreDevelopers in Berlin much more easy to attend.

I give some examples with only some conferences but it would be nice to have like a list of them with some description, date, place, etc

juanitofatas profile image
Juanito Fatas • Edited

Check out

florincornea profile image
Cornea Florin

wooow, thanks, much appreciate :D

justsharkie profile image

Can't make it this year, but maybe 2021 will be the year I finally make it!

I hope everyone enjoys it, everything I've just makes it sound amazing.

thatzacdavis profile image
Zachary Davis

Can't wait!

gabiduarte profile image
Gabrielle Duarte

How I wish I wasn't in South America, CodeLand seems to be awesome!

deciduously profile image
Ben Lovy

Got my ticket. Now y'all have to come.

fultonbrowne profile image
Fulton Browne

Sadly I can't come this year, but I do want to go to NYC at some point in the next couple of years and will try to come then :}

ibasilk profile image
Basil K

ashdbaksd :)