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Pusher Contest Deadline is Two Weeks Away

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・1 min read

We're now two weeks away from the May 25 deadline, so we wanted to post a quick reminder and round up some of the early submissions.

Need ideas? Check out the ideas thread.

Have questions? There's also a dedicated support thread.

Submissions so far:

Just to be clear, we will not favor early submissions, but with this kind of thing it's always best not to wait until the last minute. I'll be working on my entry this weekend. (Of course, I can't win 😄)

Button Push

Sean Denny created a collaborative clicking race. The objective is to be the first user to make the counter reach 100.

Appointment Scheduler

Doug Black created a scheduler app that allows you to create rooms and appointments.

Pixel Wars: Claim Cells

Avalander already has a playable demo for their "Pixel Wars" game, where players are able to claim cells on a board. It sounds like more updates are on the way.

Several folks have also submitted progress posts to the #pushercontest tag.

There's still time

Two weeks is plenty of time to put something fun together.

Good luck and happy coding!

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The DEV Team

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My project is almost done :-).Going to share it soon.


I am making an app very similar to doug:( Should I submit it?


Yeah, go for it. There’s enough room for variance in that idea and it’s not like his is perfect.




My plan is to "finish" the MVP this weekend and then tweak my documentation and submit! Good luck to everyone else in progress finishing up as well :)