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It's Time to Vote in the Pusher Contest!

ben profile image Ben Halpern Updated on ・2 min read

The period for submitting entries to the first DEV Contest is over, and that means it is time for the community to vote.

Below are the 25 submissions of apps and hacks that folks from the community submitted that made use of the Pusher Channels API.

You vote by reacting with hearts(❤️) and unicorns(🦄) on entry posts.

Bookmark reactions will not be counted. We will also not count votes made by accounts with social authenticated accounts which do not meet certain anti-spam criteria.

Each submission is presented with a link to the submission post. Vote on creativity, originality, user experience, or any other qualities you deem valuable.

The 25 submissions are listed in randomized order and will be shuffled periodically throughout the duration of the voting period.

Contest Entries:

Thanks for voting, and thanks to Pusher for being an awesome partner.

Happy coding. ❤️

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The DEV Team

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Waiting for the next one ❤️


How long will you count votes?


About a week


Hi!, Good day. Is voting still open?


When would the results be announced?


is voting still open?