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Redis Hackathon Winners, Announced!

In August, we announced a new challenge on DEV, in partnership with our friends at Redis: the Redis Hackathon.

Our amazing community was challenged with leveraging Redis' strengths as a multi-model primary database to build brand new apps or to simplify an existing app. Submissions were to be filed in one of four categories: MEAN/MERN Mavericks, Microservice Mavens, Minimalism Magicians, and Wacky Wildcards.

It's never easy for contest judges to pick winners and this hackathon was even harder to decide with 25 winners to choose in total. Even so, judges from the DEV and Redis teams managed to pick our winners and I'm excited to share them with you today!

Let's take a look at the winning projects for the Redis Hackathon on DEV!

MEAN/MERV Mavericks: @subhamx

Microservice Mavens: @dmw

Minimalism Magicians: @facsiaginsa

Minimalism Magicians: @rajeshj3

Wacky Wildcards: @ritsuke

All Grand Prize Winners will receive:

  • $2,000 USD gift card or equivalent 🤑
  • $300 USD credit to the Forem Shop 😎
  • An extra $200 for those who included a 5-minute video 💰
  • DEV Sticker Pack ✨
  • DEV “Redis Hackathon” Grand Prize profile badge 🏆

And, our 20 Runners-Up, in random order!

All runners-up will receive:

  • $200 USD gift card or equivalent 💰
  • $150 USD credit to the Forem Shop 🌈
  • An extra $200 for those who included a 5-minute video 💵
  • DEV Sticker Pack 💻
  • DEV “Redis Hackathon” Runner-Up profile badge 🌟


All participants with a valid project will receive a DEV Sticker Pack and an “Redis Hackathon” participant profile badge. 🎉

To everyone who submitted a project for this hackathon, we're giving you a huge round of applause. In the process of building your project, you sharpened your skills while learning something new. That's something to be very proud of.

Our team will follow up with all winners and participants about their prizes, gift codes, and stickers after Friday, September 30th.

Great work, everyone! We hope you had a blast participating in the Redis Hackathon on DEV!

Even if you weren't able to participate this time, you can still utilize all of the resources that Redis provided for the hackathon. If you still have questions, feel free to ask them in the Redis Discord.

  1. Sign up for a free Redis Cloud account using this link and use the Redis Stack database in the cloud. For datasets > 1GB please use Redis Stack on Docker
  2. Libraries: JavaScript: Redis OM Node (video, guide); Python: Redis OM Python( video, guide); Java: Redis OM Spring (video, guide), C#: Redis OM .NET (video, guide);
  3. Redis Developer Hub for docs, samples and tutorials
  4. Redis Stack getting started page
  5. RedisInsight - Desktop GUI tool for inspecting the data

Top comments (8)

wiseai profile image
Mahmoud Harmouch

Holy smokes, I won! First off, I want to give a big congratulations to everyone involved in this event; it was a fantastic display of skill and talent, and I'm truly honored to have been a part of it. Special thanks go out to the DEV community and Redis for making this all possible; without you, none of this would have been possible.

This event has also motivated me to continue working on the FAR3 stack as the future of the web. The FAR3 stack is blazingly fast and incredibly versatile, and I believe it has a bright future. So thank you again; time to go GYM.

arndom profile image
Nabil Alamin

Congratulations to all the winners and participants 👏👏

pranavarora1895 profile image
Pranav Arora

Thank you so much for choosing me the runner up for my application "hardWareHouse Inventory Management Application". Thanks to and redis for conducting such an amazing hackathon. I look forward to participate again in an event like this.

mtwn105 profile image
Amit Wani

Congratulations all winners ❤️ thanks and redis for organising this hackathon 👍

facsiaginsa profile image
Bagus Facsi Aginsa

Wow! Feel honored to be 1 of the winner. Thanks @devencourt for the announcement. Also, thanks to my friend @moefc32 for helping me building this project. Last but not least, thanks to DEV Community & Redis for making this possible.

tylerjusfly profile image

Congratulations all winners ❤️.

bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev

Great projects! Congratulations everyone!

dulyaaa profile image
Dulya Perera

This is totally unexpected🔥!! Thank you @devteam and @redis!!! And congratulations everyone🥳✨!!!