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Reminder: Hacktoberfest is Ending Soon!

Hello, dear devs!

We wanted to stop by to share a friendly (and somewhat shocking) reminder: Hacktoberfest 2021 ends in six days 😱 This month has sure flown by.

It's been so much fun following your Hacktoberfest journeys right here on DEV. Special shoutout to those of who who have been contributing to the Forem repository this past month — while Hacktoberfest is all about celebrating open source software, learning by doing, and improving the entire OSS ecosystem.

It can't be ignored that contributing to open source at any level is real work. Thank you all for your time and commitment to learning — project maintainers benefit from high-quality contributions and that should not be ignored. Similarly, project maintainers devote their time to reviewing contributions and they deserve a round of applause as well 👏

If you haven't gotten started with Hacktoberfest yet, you still have time! Here's a refresher on what you can do to get involved while you still can...

  • Register for Hacktoberfest via DigitalOcean here
  • Visit this post for instructions on how you can share your story right here on DEV. We'll be awarding DEV profile badges to everyone who completes the challenge:

Thanks to @coffeecraftcode for rounding up all the info on our Hacktoberfest 2021 celebration on DEV!

  • If you have been participating or just registered, let us know here
  • If you are a project maintainer and are seeking Hacktoberfest contributions, share a link to your project here
  • If you run into any questions about open source contributionns/Hacktoberfest, write a #help post on DEV with this template (just be sure to add the #hacktoberfest tag).
  • Leave a comment in this Hacktoberfest discussion thread if you want to connect with other participants
  • Once you've completed the Hacktoberfest challenge, let us know here so we can all celebrate your success
  • Finally, share a post on DEV about your Hacktoberfest contributions using this template

We hope you enjoy the final days of this global celebration of open source software! Happy Hacktoberfest 🎃

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