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Share your GitHub Actions Hackathon Updates!

Let us know what you’re building and how things are going throughout the GitHub Actions Hackathon on DEV!

You can use this thread for sharing ideas, gathering feedback, and to get to know your fellow hackathon-ers!

If you have a big update or just worked through a tough problem, we encourage you to publish a standalone post, but please add the #actionshackathon tag so we can read all about it!

If you need help with a specific problem, check out the help thread where the support crew is standing by to answer your questions.

Happy coding!

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hedyhli profile image

Which language should I use to create a github action? I’ve seen lots in JavaScript and there are some in Python

samjakob profile image
Sam (NBTX)

It's mostly up to personal choice. There are official guides for JavaScript and TypeScript, Python and Java so I'd obviously suggest those for people wanting to get started with GitHub Actions.

Though, with that said, GitHub Actions are just bits of code run in virtual machines so you're free to use pretty much any language of your choosing. You can even use Docker Images (which might contain/be set up for a language of your choice) too.

itsasine profile image
ItsASine (Kayla)

I had an idea but I'm abandoning it because 1. it existed only to do something that annoys me when I need to do it and 2. the set up involved even when using the action would annoy me, so it just shifts the annoyance.

The idea was to wrap checklist items in markdown in links. The link would open an issue, the action would parse the issue, find the link in the codebase, and check (or uncheck) the list item that spawned the issue, then push the updated checkbox code and close the issue as fixed.

The key was that I wanted checkboxes to work nicely like they do in things like pull requests and project cards but setting up that link would either be too specific that it would need to be juuuuuust right or too vague that the action might not determine the right checkbox as the one to toggle. Like, I can have the issue template include the file to edit and the line, even, but then I'd need to maintain that for every checkbox in the repo's markdown. It'd be better just to quit complaining and go edit the checkbox myself when I need to.

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Karan Thanvi

my wacky wildcard action :D

rosariopfernandes profile image
Rosário Pereira Fernandes

Haha, I like it!

xavidop profile image
Xavier Portilla Edo

Hey I've just submited my GitHub Actions Post. Devops You Alexa Skill!!

Check all the content here:

Hope to win this hackathon!