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GitHub Actions Hackathon Help Thread

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Looking for help with your GitHub Actions Hackathon submission? You came to the right place!

We'll be available to help anyone who runs into issues or has questions about the GitHub Actions x DEV Hackathon.

You are encouraged to comment below if you need asynchronous assistance!

If you'd like to share more general progress that you're making on your project, you can do so in the community update thread!

The DEV Team

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Hey, my only doubt is we are free to post in as many submissions as possible before 17th of September right? Also, what would be the judging criteria for these enteries?


The criteria are listed here: dev.to/page/actions-hackathon-rules
As for entering multiple times, it says "no limit on the number of Entries you may submit" ... however you "may only win once" :D


Hello Guys, if you can please help me in choosing a category for the action I want to create as described in my post. I think it should be under the Wacky Wildcards category.


I think Wacky Wildcards for this one too!


Hi , Is it required that the technologies that i use for this submission should be open source technologies ? Example : Can I use Twilio ? But Twilio services are not open sourced ?

@graciegregory @leereilly @bdougieyo


Hey @shaijut , you're welcome to use any actions for your workflow. We only need the workflow .yml file to be open source. For Twilio specifically, perhaps this one could be useful to you? github.com/marketplace/actions/twi...


Thank you so much @jess . Appreciate. :)


Actually, I'm new to all of this. So, please help me.
Firstly, I would like to know what I have to do.? Create a project by using any language is enough to participate in this...??
And what is workflow action? Is it about the commit, clone, push, pull??

If you can please tell me. I would like to appreciate it.


Hi there! Sorry for the delayed response. For this hackathon, we are challenging you to submit workflows by leveraging existing GitHub actions. You are also welcome to create custom actions, too.

To learn more about GitHub workflows, visit this page: docs.github.com/en/actions/configu...

To view the existing library of GitHub Actions you'll use to create your hackathon workflow, visit this page: github.com/marketplace?type=actions

For more specifics on how to enter the hackathon, visit our main announcement: dev.to/devteam/announcing-the-gith...

We are here if you have any other questions!


Thanks a ton for running this dev.to. We've had a blast building for it. One question, we (my wife and I had) was what category you felt the thing we built would fall under? We were considering "Maintainer Must-Haves" or the "Wacky" category. The first progress report is here.



I think this can go under "Maintainer Must-Haves!"


Is it possible to host a server(temporarily) in github action VM instance which can be accessed with the help of ip and port name ?

Basically I can access the public ip of vm instance and port on which express app is running. All I need is a way to open that express app in a browser with the help of url.

Thanks in advance.

@graciegregory @leereilly @bdougieyo @jess


Self-hosted GitHub Action is a thing and will allow you to do anything you would like to from your hosted verstion. Regarding this, but with GitHub hosted runners, Would the smee action work for you?




Hey folks, just had a doubt if one action could participate in more than one category?
Here is my post and I feel that it falls under both Phone Friendly and Maintainer Must-Haves


Hey there! If you feel that your project fits under more than one category, you can write two categories in your post. We prefer it if submissions are marked under one category for clarity but you can select two if necessary.


Hi, So I am trying to look into all diffs of all commit when a push event is triggred.

My initial research didn't land me anywhere near to what I want.

Links I narrowed down :

Anyone here have any idea, how I can get diffs and url of a diff file.


Can we parallelize the work in Actions?



Only jobs run in parallel, steps run sequentially.


Hey, I made an action a few months back. Can I submit that one as well?


I think it will work but actions created during the Hackathon period will have more edge,
Kindly refer to this page for more info - dev.to/page/actions-hackathon-rules


I did but there is nothing related to this. Anyways Thanks a lot buddy!


How are duplicate entries being handled? If someone entered something first then someone else enters a slightly modified version of it later?


I want to learn github actions in simple way, where to start ? any resources except documentation?


Hello! I recommend this page from GitHub. This post is also a great initial point of reference 🙂