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What was your win this week?

Hey there!

Looking back on this past week, what was something you were proud of accomplishing?

All wins count — big or small 🎉

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Registering for CodeLand 2022... or whatever else might spark joy ❤️

Have a wonderful weekend

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adiatiayu profile image
Ayu Adiati

Registered for CodeLand 2022!
Can't wait!!! 🤩

faruq_jada profile image
Faruq Ahmed

Same here

cyangirl profile image

Being an introvert, I find it difficult to interact with new people. But recently had joined and last week only, published an article here for the first time. And the best part it got 7 reactions so far! yay🥳

I know its not much, but it still means a lot to me! 😌

louiseann93 profile image
Lou Willoughby

I’ve been rebuilding some landing pages at work which included moving everything over to stripe and changing out the old code for new. It’s taken me a good few days, I’d never used vuex before so was something new to wrap my head around but I finally (all my fingers and toes crossed) got it finished today for our rollout next Tuesday 🤞🏻 It was a huge project and such a sigh of relief on a Friday to have it finished 👏🏻

0x8c profile image

We use vuex at work. Still wrapping my head around it.

juniordevforlife profile image
Jason F

What are your thoughts on Vuex?

louiseann93 profile image
Lou Willoughby

I thought it was ok. It’s really helpful when using it for our cart system as I can make each component responsible for just getting and mutating the data it needs rather than passing through props but because they load on render and there was milliseconds of a delay for the actions to set the data correctly it can be an issue especially if you have multiple as they’re asynchronous. I had to use a lot of v-ifs and timeouts in places which was just a bit of a pain to figure out and fix

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juniordevforlife profile image
Jason F

Ahhh dang. Sounds like maybe a use case for RxJS.

Thread Thread
aarone4 profile image
Aaron Reese

Vuex is the Vue (2) implementation of the redux pattern with actions and mutations. The browser tooling is really good with the ability to time travel though the changes in state.
However Vuex 4 does not play so nicely with Vue 3 and it looks like Pinia is now the official redux Library for Vue 3 as it supports typescript and Vuex 5 is no more.

hunghvu profile image
Hung Vu

Got my Forem data visualization app published I'm really satisfied with the outcome. I guess the analysis works its way out. 😂

The application is available at:

jonasbn profile image
Jonas Brømsø

I am in the process of learning to program in Go outside work.

This week I was facing an assignment as a product manager where I needed handle a challenge we face at work. I wanted to do proposal for a possible solution and I had an idea - so I decided to do a prototype in Go.

I got the prototype working and I could write up my findings for discussion with my developer colleagues. The prototype was simple, but I was confident I could do it in Go and I did in with fewer visits to fewer external resources than expected.

During my morning coffee I fell over this post and a Tweet from @jessitron

Once you reach the level of conscious incompetence, it’s very hard not to improve at something every time you do it, because you notice what’s wrong each time. @DRMacIver

And the responses mentioned the four stages of competence, which I recognised, even though I only new the representation as a matrix.

The situation reminded me of earlier when I was learning to program (I was a developer before I was a product manager), I learned by doing, I learned by challenges and I grew more and more competent and confident - now years later I am applying the same approach to learning a new language.

I am on the brink of being conscious incompetent - so things can only improve from here if I keep at it.

Thanks @jessitron - your tweet resonated with me in more ways than you can imagine

juniordevforlife profile image
Jason F

I've been working on a complex feature at work. It's a cluster plot made with d3 that sits between two panels. I recently added some animations to make the panels slide in and out on hover, and remain locked open when you click a button. When the panels are locked open the cluster plot should resize fluidly. The resizing of the cluster plot has been giving me a lot of trouble. Long story short, I got it working.

jeoxs profile image
José Aponte

I finished a small project requirement this week and got paid! So, the food is saved 😅

m_ahmad profile image
Muhammad Ahmad

In this week, I worked on following features/changes to TemplatesKart

  • Update landing page
  • Add new transition effects
  • Create new ChakraUI components

Wrote 2 blog posts

  1. TemplatesKart | New landing page built with ChakraUI Detail Post
  2. Find out 8 new chakraUI components that I built Detail Post
jonaspetri profile image
Jonas Petri

I decided to build my personal website in Vue insetad of vanilla JavaScript!
Oh, and GitHub Copilot was behaving kinda weird:
It's supposed to give me snippets, not links, and the link didn't really answer my question lol

tuwang profile image

Hitting the goal of publishing a new video ;)

mangodudemartin profile image

I presented the results of over a year of work at a team conference!

navjotsharma profile image
Navjot Sharma

Migrated mysql database to postgres and gone serverless with aws serverless v2. It was really exciting 🤩

__manucodes profile image

Been a while since I've posted here....
This week I've:

jessica_veit profile image
Jessica Veit

I finally started blogging again after finishing my bachelors and starting with my masters - Busy time, but definitely enjoying it ;)

jmansito profile image
Mansit 🇪🇺

Spent quality time with someone in support, learnt lots about sumologic, and identified weak spots in our logging strategy that we will strengthen next week.