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What was your win this week?

Hey there!

Looking back on this past week, what was something you were proud of accomplishing?

All wins count — big or small 🎉

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Enjoying time with family or friends... or whatever else might spark joy ❤️

Congrats on your accomplishments this week!

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chefgs profile image
Saravanan Gnanaguru

Created a GitHub Actions workflow to get participated in #actionshackathon21 and published a blog about it

Table of Contents

Build Status

GO CI workflow


  • Created a GitHub Actions workflow for the submission of actionshackathon21
  • This action performs the Go continuous integration process on the Go source code repository
  • Interested Go developers and DevOps Engineers can use this workflow to create the Continuous Integration for their GitHub repo

My Workflow

Go Continuous Integration workflow

  • The workflow we created will be doing the Continuous Integration process on this repository.
  • Whenever there is a code check-in happens on main branch, then CI workflow will be triggered
  • Below are the details of this workflow
    • Code checkout into the workspace
    • Install Go and runs the Go linting process for doing code review
    • Get the build dependencies
    • Builds…
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Andy Piper

I was pretty happy getting some time to hack on (and write about) a Glitch in Bio app. I got to learn a few new things, and contribute some ideas back to the community. Plus, I gave a presentation to a tech meetup group in India yesterday, which was fun!

bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev
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Ryan Brown

Employing the dark magics of SQL Server by assigning stored proc input parameters to local variables in order to appease the capricious gods of parameter sniffing.
Ritual completed, sped up a query in said stored proc by 7 times.

coderamrin profile image

Got my first freelance job.
and published an article after 1 month of procastinating, it's been viewd 2k times in 1 and a half day. which is huge for me :)

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Drew Schillinger

Starting a new chapter in my career -- running the tech team and architecting a new tech stack for!! <3

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Peter Mbanugo
aernesto24 profile image
Ernesto Lopez

wow congrats!!

siddharthshyniben profile image

Actually wrote a blog post after a while. Getting back to speed with the new schedule.

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Jakub T. Jankiewicz • Edited

Created Try JavaScript on domain I've purchased this week.

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Clark Weckmann

I created a README renderer to add documentation to small projects! It was nice to get back into working on personal projects.

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Onkar Janwa

Hey, I published my first e-book MongoDB Practical Masterclass and sold the first copy within 1 day. Check that out if you are learning MongoDB 🙏

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Ernesto Lopez

Achieve a badge of 4 weeks in a row writing on
Also launch our 6th episode on our podcast "No somos cavernicolas", we pass the 5 episode milestone where majority of podcast die

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manu • Edited

I discovered tailwindcss. It's awesome!
God knows why I didn't before.

And, my app's home page is redesigned!

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Waren Gonzaga

I recently released my latest open source project!

maddy profile image

My major win this week was someone telling me that I inspired them to start a blog. 💗