Hacktoberfest Completion

devtony101 profile image Miguel Manjarres ・2 min read

Today I got an email saying I completed this year Hacktoberfest 🎉!
In this little blog post I'm gonna talk about my experience.

About My Experience

Even though I'm not completely new to GitHub and that I've already contributed to a few repositories before this event, this was my first Hacktoberst and so I feeled a rush whenever I entered to GitHub to search for an active repository to where I could solve an issue.

It felt nice to compete in the event not only because of the prize but because the feeling of camaraderie, collaborating with other developers and mantainers alike, working towards a common goal.

Also through this event I finally achieved the confidence to make a project of mine open source! I opened two issues and not more than an hour later there were two people interested in solving them! The day after that I did my first issue review.

What I Learned From Hacktoberfest

I think I can summarize my learning experience in these two points:

  • To be patient. I feeled very stressed out because I couldn't find a project to contribute to, unfortunately I didn't had enough time to spend on coding so I had to set my goals a little lower, that is, contributions that didn't requiered a lot of work, so being patient was key to find repositories that met my expectations.

  • To be creative. There are tons of other developers who are eager to achieve their 4 pull request too! Some of them way more experienced than I, so if I wanted to make my contribution stand out, I had to be creative! And even so I couldn't keep up with all the awesome stuff other people did.

In general I'm very happy with how things turned out and I hope next year I could participate in this incredible event once again.

Thanks for reading 👏!


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Waylon Walker

Congrats on pushing through and finding repos to make meaningful contributions to